Sunday, December 23, 2012

Very Jane

I interrupt this blog to plug a website that I love!  It's called Very Jane.  They have daily deals on all kinds of random things.  I get daily messages and each night I can see a preview for the next day on Facebook. They have an upcoming give away.  You should check it out at  

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

See What Silliness We Have Daily?

Angel's Antics Day 1

Look who decided to play with Lexi's ponies and eat her tootsie rolls?

And look who wasn't happy about it this morning!  It was too funny!

  And look who decided to put on Daddy's shirt and pretend to be Daddy? This child is wild!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Someone must be being really good!

Tonight while we were watching TV, the doorbell rang! When we answered it we didn't find anyone but we did find a PRESENT!!  A present from Santa!  All we can figure is that Santa knew how good she was being and sent her a present.  He sent her Christmas Pj's!!  We were all so excited! The package was so freshly delivered from the North Pole that it was still cold!  Too bad, it's not cool enough here for her to wear then to bed tonight!

Look Who's Back!

We started to decorate the tree last night. Lexi was so much fun!  She's been wondering when Angel the Elf would show back up and this morning she got her answer.  We told her that he was waiting for us to show we were in the Christmas Spirit!  And even though our tree still needs some decorating, Angel came!