Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Weekend before “Back to School!”

I can’t believe it is the eve of the end of Summer vacation.  I have really not posted like I should and have no excuses except that I just needed a break in routine and have just enjoyed our daily life without being connected to a computer every day. 

This last week has flown by with last minute appointments and rainy days (also filled with much smokiness from the local fires that have plagued us this year).  Last Saturday was Lj’s last day of t-ball.  She never totally warmed up to the idea of playing in a group but her last bat was awesome!  She did it all by herself and whacked it out there good!  She even ran the bases. 

IMG_3396 Here with teammate Brennen… two reluctant players!




I got Brennen’s big hit, but missed Lj’s! Brennen has all the makings of a very talented ball player!

After church on Sunday, we went to lunch and then headed back to the fountain at Ellis Square so that Geoff could see Lj play in the water.  Lj had other ideas.  She really just wanted us to get wet with her.  But gracious, just look at that tan!  I promise I put 70+ on her every time we go outside!



Then today I had a hair appointment and afterwards we came home and took a long lazy summer afternoon nap together.  Talk about pure bliss!  Snuggling with my little snuggle bunny in the cool air conditioning is awesome!  After we woke up, Lexi said that she needed some “chocky-milk and her t-B (aka… tv)”.  I told her that I could do that if she would give me one thing… a kiss on each cheek.  So she jumps up heads to my face and then sticks out her tongue and LICKS my cheek!  Lil’ Stinker!  She knew exactly what she was doing. She has her own ideas about everything!

Summer has been awesome but I also like routines.  Lexi and I will both be getting back into the swing of things come Sunday night.  I do hope to find some time for fun between now and then.  As I type this she has just provided one more story.  The other day we were at Mom’s and I didn’t have her “blankie” so we borrowed the one we keep at Mom’s for the ride.  Her “blankie” from home has not been washed in a few days so it is much more “fragrant”.  The one from Mom’s was freshly washed and clean.  So we’ve ended up with both “blankies” at our house this week.  Lexi prefers the “dirty” blankie to the clean one.  She says it smells better… to us it is just nasty grossy-grossy! But today she has been asking for the dirty blankie.  She just asked her daddy to hand her the “dirty blankie” and he was confused.  I had to let him in on the dirty vs. clean blankie.  Needless to say… both blankies need a bath at this point and will get one over the weekend.  I just pray that she will not be taking “blankie” on her honeymoon someday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Lazy Day of Summer

I know… it’s been too long between posts!  I’ve been enjoying my summer and miraculously have managed to avoid my computer! I need to get caught up on some posts but for now, I’m going to talk about today.

All summer we’ve been talking about me bringing Lexi up to Savannah to have lunch with Daddy and while we were all there open a savings account for Lexi.  She had 4 banks full of money so today was the day.  This simple day turned out to be one of my favorite days of the summer.  I sort of expected Lexi to get upset about leaving her money at the bank but she didn’t.  She was just a few coins shy of $240!  She helped put the coins in the coin counter and then was rewarded with a Money Monster stuffed animal to help her remember to save her money.

summer 11 607

summer 11 608

summer 11 610

After we left the bank we went to the Wild Wing CafĂ©’ (YUM!) for lunch.  After Geoff left Lj and I went to the fountain at Ellis Square.  Lexi was a bit apprehensive at first because she really didn’t want to get her “pretty dress” wet.  I had brought her a change of clothes in anticipation of visiting the square so I talked her into it.  As hot as it was sitting there watching her play, I have to say it was SOOOOOO much fun!  If only all of life was so easy as watching a child play in the water on a sunny day!  Here are some of my favorite pictures.

summer 11 611

apprehensive girl…

summer 11 613

warming up…

summer 11 628


summer 11 640

soaked to the bone…

summer 11 643

summer 11 644

I thought I’d never get her out of the water but finally she was ready.  We then walked around to a few shops.  We lucked up on this one shop where everything was 50% off.  I found Lj a cute little dress made in India  and one for me to match.  We’ll have to work on a picture together.  She could NOT wait to get that dress on!  We went back to Geoff’s office and changed her.  She then entertained everyone in the office calling them “coconuts”.  Yes, she even called Geoff’s boss coconut!  LOL!

When Geoff walked us back to the car and buckled her into the car seat she said in her best pouty voice “I really miss my Daddy!”  Lexi couldn’t wait for me to get my “pretty dress” on once we were home.  I told Geoff I looked like I had on a Moo-Moo (sp??) and Lexi piped up with “Mommy you look like a Moo Cow!”  Such is the life in the day of the Mother of Lj!  Precious.  We enjoyed our day so much that I can’t wait to go back again with Sara and the boys!