Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When's Santa Coming??

Brennen on Christmas eve after a nap... ready for presents!

Yea! Presents!!!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! This is a picture of Lexi's Christmas tree. We decided to decorate it with some of her cloth alphabet pieces, and linking chains and then top it with one of her books. I even spelled out her name in the middle of the tree. Last year we said we would have her this year... and now once again, we say we WILL have her next year. The good news is that we really believe 2008 is our year. CCAA has made referrals for dossiers logged in through Dec. 14, 2005. Our log in date is Feb. 27, 2006. I just can't imagine that it will take longer 12 more months for them to make referrals for 75 more days. We will wait as long as necessary of course but in our hearts hope by late summer or early fall. It's harder to wait during the holidays. Especially since this is the 3rd Christmas we have had since we began the process. Geoff bought Lexi another Christmas present this year which we will have for her when she gets here. I'll admit I've teared up a few times thinking about her but try very hard to just put it out of my mind and look forward to the blessing we will eventually experience. So Merry Christmas everyone! (Of course, I'll be putting some Brennen pictures up soon. I've got to collect pictures first!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Look at this Big Boy!

I got an email at work today from Sara with these pictures in them. Brennen decided that he could sit up by himself today. He's growing up tooooo fast!!

Later they visited me at school. Brennen suddenly decided that strangers are bad. Everytime someone tried to talk to him he scrunched up his face and started whining until he would eventually cry. Poor thing! It made me so sad for him. He usually smiles and laughs at everyone. I sure hope this is a quick stage.

Our Visit to the Christmas Tree Farm

We went with Sara, Chris, and Brennen to the Christmas Tree Farm last weekend. It was sunny and HOT! It's funny to be picking out Christmas trees in 80 degree weather. I think Geoff had the most fun of all. Once again he was the baby-hog. He walked Brennen all over the farm and even let him take a cat-nap under a big oak tree. These are a couple of the pictures I took. Afterwards we took off with the little guy and went to Savannah. We took him out to eat at a restaurant and he was PERFECT! When we were getting ready to leave a woman walked over and asked me how old he was. Then she told me that he was the happiest best behaved baby she had ever seen. I was a proud Granny!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Brennen At 5 Months

Last week Sara and Brennen stayed with us while Chris went on a hunting trip. We had a blast! One afternoon I took a bunch of pictures of Brennen in his Santa hat. Then I took some of them and made Sara and Chris's Christmas Cards. (So anyone in the family reading this will get a preview) I also took a lot of him doing other things so I decided to post them in this slide show. This little guy sure does add sunshine to our lives!