Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Miscellaneous stuff...

One of my newest passions has been working with the kids at school on our school garden. I'll have to take a new picture and post it because it has grown so much more since this picture was taken. I now have a pretty good farmers tan and had some really great experiences with the kids. Sadly, the school year is over now and I won't have any help weeding and harvesting anymore! Today my friend Melaine and I picked some radishes, tomatoes and snow peas. Everyday is fun watching the plants in the garden grow.

The picture of me and Brennen below is at school too near the garden. My brother and I put the pond in one day and thought it was really nice until a few tornadoes came through and ruined it. So later that week, my dear parents came to school and pretty much redid it for me. Here is the finished pond complete with Brennen. Geoff and I brought him to see it a few weekends ago because we were babysitting and now that he is walking, we need LOTS of things for him to do! He absolutely LOVED the pond and wanted to get into it so bad!
I soooooo love this picture of Geoff and Brennen. A proud Grandpa and his Grandson. Of course, Brennen thinks he needs no help walking!
We took these pictures at my parents house. Brennen had a great time visiting them! He really loved the backyard. One funny thing was that mom tried to give him a flower but he had nothing to do with it. Instead he wanted to play with some dried leaves. Now that's our grandson!
I love this picture! We framed it and gave it to mom for Mother's Day. My mom is so great with kids! She and Daddy just can't wait to get their hands on Lexi.
This is one that same day with Geoff. Brennen was pretty interested in Molly but Molly was more interested in who the little guy was that was taking my attention off of her. Molly is the dog that my sister rescued from a dumpster and I nursed her back to health. Mom fell in love with her and she ended up with her but Molly still claims me as her own any time I visit.
Finally, I doctored this photo with Picasa. I love this little guy so much! I can't believe how much he has grown! He will be 11 months old in just a few days!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Congratulations Friends!!

Referrals are in! I've watched referral days come and go now for a long time. I've always read blogs and viewed pictures in wonder and anticipation of ours. I have toadmit though that for at least the last six months I wasn't nearly as excited and just felt like this process is never going to end. Well, I have a new found anticipation and excitment after this month's referrals. Several of the people that we know just got their referrals!!! And if my reaction to their referrals is anything close, we better just go ahead now and stock up on Klenex. This time there are three couples that I have met at least the new mom and it really personalizes things so much more. I am sooooooo happy for these new families! The babies are precious! I opened my email yesterday after Brennen went home (we kept him Friday night) and immediately I knew that something had happened from the number of messages in my box. As soon as I saw Susan and Riz's message I began to cry and scream for Geoff to come look at pictures. Sophia is just beautiful! Take a peek!

Then I found Hope and Scott's message about Isabella and did the same thing all over again!!! Poor Geoff, he just kept running in and out of the kitchen to look! Isabella looks like a little princess to me! She is beautiful!

Then we found a message about Susan and Jonathan's referral. TWINS!!! I couldn't believe it! They were waiting for LilyKate and got Elenanor too!! I guess they, like us also said they would take twins! I can only imagine how they must feel! And again, the babies are beautiful!!!

We are so happy for everyone who got referrals this month! It's so awesome and we now have a new anticipation and excitment for the process. We know that the wait is worth it!

This month, they only got through 3 days. They are now up to January 12,2006. Our LID is February 27th. It will take many months to get to us but we are not complaining... we are patiently waiting for OUR DAY. A day that will be like none other and it will be worth every single day that we have endured.