Friday, March 31, 2006

Another Question for the Lexi Blog Readers!!

How could you know that the simple act of reading our blog about our journey to Lexi could be so much fun???? Well, my new question for our readers is this.... what shall Lexi call Geoff's Parents??? My imagination was sparked today because I joined the rest of our Technology Office employees at a "new" local restuarant called "Goo Ma's" for a celebration of two people's birthdays. Well... I thought this was a STRANGE name for a restaurant and asked what the deal was. Turns out, the woman who opened the restaurant is also known as "Goo Ma" to her grandchildren. This intrigued me! My Grandparents were Grandma and Granddaddy. When Sara came along, she followed after the first grandchild, Jenna, and called my parents Granny and Papa. She called her Dad's parents the same because she was the first grandchild on that side of the family. WELL.... Lexi will be Geoff's parent's first gradchild. (Sara was in middle school when she met them and didn't really call them Granny and Papa).

Geoff calls his Grandparents from his mother's side "Gran Gran and PaPa" and his Grandmother from his father's side is "Nanny". Geoff's parents don't really know what they want to be called.

At one point, Geoff's daddy joked that he would be "Big Daddy" until I showed him a video on the internet that showed a very large overweight man dancing and called himself "Big Daddy". I told him that he had a lot of weight to gain first.

I can't imagine Geoff's mom wanting to be called "Big Mama"... what woman would????

Well, according to some of my cyberspace January DTC friends, Grandmother in Chinese is Nia Nia and is pronounced like eye with an N in front. Grandfather in Chinese is Lao Lao and is pronounced like cow with an L in place of the C. You say each one twice.

So long story to a short answer. What do you call your grandparents?? What does your children if you have them call their grandparents?

And what do you think Jake and Diane should be called???

Hummmm... we shall see!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Fashion Statement... a cat hat!

I couldn't help but share this photo with everyone. This is our beautiful cat, Smokey... affectionally know as "Smokey Bear". He is not a lap cat and truely only gives you his affection WHEN HE SEES FIT. He's taken to sleeping on my pillow this year when it is nippy at night. He gets on my pillow digs his claws into my head (trying to make my head softer???) and then lays down with his head firmly against the top of my head. The funny part is I let him do this even at the risk of an allergy attack. I'm sure Lexi will be just as spoiled as Smokey!

Here's a PEEK at the Quilt...

I am not going to post them all but Mom has quite a few completed squares. See if maybe one of these is yours??? I'll try to get some more pictures of others the next time I go to Mom's. The finshed squares are measuring about 6x6. I can't wait to see what this quilt looks like finished!

56 and counting!!!

I've gotten a few more squares this week which brings us up to 56! I'm also about to send out 3 more to some fellow DTC friends. I really enjoy sending them out!

This fabric is from my mom's neighbor Ann. I grew up with her across the street. She had a stroke a few years ago but is doing well. I'm happy she is participating!
This is another square from a fellow DTC'er. She is from Geoff's home state. I totally love the ladybugs! This should help brighten up Lexi's quilt! Thanks Shannon!
And finally, this is from a dear friend from work. It totally fits her with the froggies, butterflies and ladybugs! (She gave me two fabrics to choose from) She sure loves her critters! Thanks Shaye! Shaye sent the wish to me in email so that I can scrapbook it any way I want. I can't wait to get started on another page set.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This is a very selfish post...

I have been thinking of how to post this post that you are about to read for several days now. I feel that it very well could be interpreted as selfish on my part. And if it is... I'm sorry. I think I have a good reason behind it. Maybe our friends and family who will "maybe???" read it will understand.

A few months ago, I asked over 100 friends and family to participate in our quilt swap. I carefully went through the list being careful not to just send requests to everyone I knew. I heard from several people who didn't actually get the "wish" part of the quilt. Some people have sent me fabric that I will eventually put in Lexi's book under a title "Wishes in their hearts". The thing is, I've been somewhat disappointed in the amount of response. Probably half of our wishes have come from strangers who relate to our journey to bring Lexi home. The other half are from friends and family.

Well, I know everyone is busy... our daily lives are out of control. No one has time anymore to even know their neighbors! I surely don't know mine. I speak but that's it. The thing is, this week I lost a dear friend at work. She was only 34 years old. She was gone less than 3 weeks of us knowing anything was even wrong! This woman was so full of life! A true testimate to living life to it's fullest and doing as much for others as one can. She was probably within a year of finishing her doctorate and still wanted to remain working with kids. At first I just mourned her passing. Then yesterday, while looking through Lexi's book of wishes, I was struck with the feeling of sadness that I didn't have wish from her yet. (I know she would have given us one... She awaited Lexi's arrival and celebrated our experiences right along with me.) This is the selfish part of my post, I wish I had a wish for Lexi... not only just for her but also for me. It would be one more thing I could hang onto. I'd love to read the wish with Lexi and tell her about her strength, excitement and hunger for life. But it's too late. I think I will do my best to include her in the wish book somehow, someway.

So her passing just lets us all know how fragile life can be and how quickly things change. Am I being totally selfish to want to want Lexi to know how much everyone wanted to welcome her into our lives??? Am I selfish to ask for a square and a wish for her from those we love? Is it okay for friends and family to put things off and let daily life get away and make us forget the simple things that will be remembered forever??

Honestly, I hope everyone reading this knows that we love you and want you to be a part of her life. If you want to give her a wish, do it... don't put it off. You never know what tomorrow will bring. I honestly hope we'll all be together for a long long time... but we all know that God chooses when to bring his children home.

(I sincerely hope I haven't offended anyone.)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Movin' On . . .

Movin' on from the car seat fun, I need to get caught up on wishes and fabric squares. I have several new ones that came in this week, which is a GREAT thing because Mom has run out of fabric to work with. She generally spends time at the end of each week working on the quilt but this week she didn't have any to work with. We're now up to 53 squares!

This one is from Sheryl in New Jersey.

This came from the Monahan family in Illinois.

And these are from the Newsomes, also from Georgia.

I've now have 25 of the wishes in Lexi's scrapbook. I'm finding that the Wish Scrapbook is great practice for later on when I make life books for Lexi. It's getting easier and I am liking my pages more.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My, My ... what have I done?!

I think I started something with my informal poll about Lexi's car seat. My father in law called tonight and told me he was buying it for her. Knowing my father in law... it will arrive with a child size University of Virginia cheerleading outfit! Don't they make covers for car seats???? We'll need one to put over it to make sure the poor baby will sleep! Or better yet, we'll need one for me to be able to drive the Xterra with her in it. All I have to say is, my car will have a very, very girly car seat in it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The First and Most Important Opinion

YES... YES... YES... This is a total keeper for a carseat. Not only does it represent the state where Lexi's father is born.. A wonderful college ranked #3 in Kiplinger's rank of the 100 best college values.. it is also the state in which Lexi's college fund has been started.

Now on to the safety of the carseat.. Britax is one of the best carseat makers on the market. The carseat is convertible.. which means we can use it over the next few years as Lexi grows.. the five point harness which keep her snug in the seat.. and the fact that it would be in my car anyway.. So Wanda shouldn't judge so quickly. If I remember correctly she also didn't like the furniture from the picture she saw as well (and we know how that ended up).

Tax season is keeping me busy so I don't have a lot of time to post on here. This week I have realized that it is much better to go in to work early and leave on time rather than go in when we open and stay late. Just got a lot of returns to finish. Only 3 plus weeks to go.


I'm posting this picture in hopes of getting some "public" opinion. Geoff called me into the study the other night and showed me this car seat. I immediately saw the color and said, "NO". In fact, I was so blown away by the ugly orange that I totally missed the part that it is actually a University of Virginia carseat by Britax. (This of course disappointed Geoff that I didn't notice) He seems to think that this could be his car seat for his vehicle and that I'd have a different one. This is not girly... not one teeny, tiny bit! I need your opinions people! Please!!

What happened to my hubby that picked out the cute furniture, bedding, adorable high chair and stroller? I want him back!! I think this one will be a better choice.

(This orange reminds me of a "Paint sampling issue" that I had with Geoff last summer... something about him and orange I guess. Maybe I'll tell that story one day!)

We have a Secret Pal!!

I love presents! I especially love presents for Lexi! Today we got a package in the mail from our secret pal (from the January DTC Yahoo Group). The theme for last month was "The Year of the Dog" and our pal sent a cute little poodle purse for Lexi. This month was "Books for Baby" and she sent a little bag of books! How sweet! This is yet another thing to help us pass the time. Thanks Secret Pal! We loved it all!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Does this look like an Easter bunny killer??

Spring is certainly on it's way! Yesterday morning we happened to look out the window to see Muffin scurrying across the fence with something in her mouth. It was a baby bunny! Apparently, the neighbor has a bunny nest and she found it. I wanted to go make her let it go but it was clear that she had injured it. She played around with it for a while and finally began to eat it. She ate about half of it and left it in the yard. I left her with it and went to scrapbook. The funny thing was later in the day, I went out front to start the grill and Smokey had found the half eaten bunny and brought it to the front porch. This is where he usually brings his kill for us to see. I can't believe even animals try to take credit for things they don't do!

A LID Gift from our Agency

We received this dress in the mail today from CWA. It's a size four. Now Lexi has her first Chinese dress. They sent it as a congratulatory gift for having our Logged in date. The letter also said that the current wait for referrals is between 8 - 9 months but it could speed up or slow down. Hopefully, things will speed up, or stay the same but NOT get longer.

We're half way there! 50 Squares!

This latest wish comes from Iowa and now we are half way there to 100 Wishes! I have only scrapbooked 21 of the wishes so far. I guess I have some catching up to do!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Signs of Spring in Georgia!

We've had another mild winter in Georgia. This week has been especially nice and signs of spring are all over town. Why am I so excited about spring this year?? It's one season closer to Lexi! When we began this process it was the Summer of '05. At that point, we thought we would be traveling to get Lexi during the late summer of '06. Of course, now it 's clear that it will most likely be the winter of '06. But yet, everyday that passes is one day closer to her. This week I've watched our yard begin to welcome Spring too.
I had to begin decorating the fence again!
The thornless rosebush is almost in full bloom!

Last year's Gerber Daisy's are peeking through!
The Azelas are beginning to bloom!

I hope Lexi will love the Spring as much as I do.

Here a wish, there a wish...

Thankfully, the wishes continue to come . . .

This is from one of my Mom's friends from church. The hearts are so adorable!
This is from my dear friend Melissa at work. I love these colors and I especially loved her wish! I just know that Melissa will also be one who will help spoil Lexi! Afterall, she already spoils me!
This wish is from another couple adopting from China. They are from Oregon and were DTC in January.
This wish is also from a family adopting from China. They are from Canada. It's so amazing to see how love joins us all across states, countries, and continents!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Wish From Dave, Shelly, and Zach

I have a new favorite fabric pattern! We received a package in the mail from Dave, Shelly and Zach. Dave was one of Geoff's highschool buddies, who married his college sweetheart Shelly and now they have a baby named Zach. It's so great to reconnect with friends through this whole process! The package has been at the Post Office since Monday afternoon, and Geoff finally was able to get it today. Not only did they send a beautiful fabric (I love the ladybugs and butterflies!) but they also sent a beautiful scrapbook page with an Irish Blessing! I just love it! Thanks so much Dave, Shelly and Zach!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We have our LID!!

We learned today that our "Logged In Date" was February 27th! Now we sit back and begin the wait... and wait... and wait......

Monday, March 13, 2006

New Nursery Pictures!

It's totally AMAZING!! It took us 4 months to get the furniture but yet today, when Geoff called Punch and Judy, they actually picked up the messed up drawer chest and brought us another one.
This is the chest that is supposedly responsible for the 4 month wait for Lexi's furniture. It has a changing table that I don't think will really be very useful unless I take down the shelf above it. Right now, I'm thinking she can just be changed in her crib, or on the floor, or wherever it is convenient.

It's so nice having Lexi's furniture here. I got up this morning, got my shower and then went to her room where Geoff caught me looking in. He asked me what I was doing and I just told him that I was making sure her furniture was still there. :) Then this afternoon, Mom asked me how many times I had been in her room just too look around. (How could she even guess!!) Ah... Lexi we're coming ... as soon as "they" will let us, but never soon enough!

More Squares! Now it's 44!!

Once again... I love this quilt project!! We got 3 more quilt squares in the mail today. (Plus, one more is waiting at the Post Office).
This one is from the Schreiber's in Texas. I love this pattern and I especially love the color! Green is one of my favorites.
This one is from Desiree in Texas. This is right up Samantha's alley... DOTS!!
This one is from a fellow Georgian... Melissa. I love the oriental fabric. It's so cute!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Testing a Daddy!

Even Muffin wanted to help out!

Geoff's been a busy Daddy-to-Be! Yesterday, we went and picked up the furniture. So this afternoon, Geoff and Chris moved it all into Lexi's room and then Geoff began putting the crib together. One hour and 18 minutes later, he was done! I just love it! We are going to have to send her Drawer Chest back though. It came out of the box messed up. Sooner or later we will get this furniture business worked out. While Geoff was putting it together, he came in the living room and asked me if this was one of the first tests of being a Daddy... putting the crib together well so that the baby doesn't fall out! Silly Man! I told him that this was nothing compared to what all he will be doing on Christmas Eve's in the future!

I guess next we'll begin hanging pictures and things on her walls. We really need a white bookcase. I've got something in mind, the trouble is finding space. Suddenly our house is getting too small!

Who Knew a high-chair could be so adorable?!

All we need now is a few car seats! And Lexi of course! Her Daddy has been eyeing this highchair for a while so we decided to pick it up yesterday while we were out.

41 Squares and Counting!

This fabric is from one of my mom's really good friends, her daughter Kit (who I graduated with) and Kit's daughter Amanda. Wishes will be coming soon.
This fabric is from Robin who is the secretary at Geoff's office.

I've also prepared two more wishes to send out to ladies in Georgia and Iowa. I'll have them in the mail in the morning.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

37 Squares and Counting!

We received MORE squares yesterday and today. I just can't believe how much fun this is! I have to keep blogging the progress to help me keep up with them all. I also need to get busy scrapbooking them all. Here are the latest additions to the fabric pile.

This one is from the Mickelson's in Arizona who are also in the process of adopting from China. I just love the little sheep on this fabric! It's one of my favorites so far!

Here's another cutie! It's from Linda H. at church. I actually taught her granddaughter, Halle, a few years ago. I think I will just have to get Halle to write us a wish!

This fabric is from two dear friends, Judy and Susan. I work with them at school. This picture doesn't show up as cute as the fabric really is. I love green. I always have and the pink polka dots make it adorable! Lexi's arrival is bittersweet for Judy because Mom babysits her twins 3 times a week and of course, next year Mom will be helping us with Lexi. I can't tell you how many times I hear "We love Ms. Mary!". And Susan is by baby-buddy! We were both trying to get pregnant at the same time and went through the worst of times together and have supported each other throughout it all. It's so great to know you have precious people around you and I do love these two women very much!

Recognize this? It's another duplicate. It's from another dear friend, Angie, at school that I just met last year. I taught her son last year. I didn't put her wish up today because it is too long, but I will share it when I get the scrapbook page made. I will say that her wish was really sweet and touched my heart very much.

We got this in the mail today. It's from Jodie and her sweet family. I met her when she was student teaching under me and then we became friends and taught several years together. Jodie has been there for me through some very rough times. We don't teach together anymore but still keep in touch. I'm so happy to get her wish. Once again, this adoption is bringing very dear people in my life together.

This square came today from the Cecil/Tiernan's in SD. who are in the January DTC Yahoo group. This fabric will work perfectly in the quilt!

Thanks so much to everyone who have helped so far with the quilt! We're a little over 1/3rd of the way there so I hope everyone who wants to participate will send it to us soon!

Punch and Judy are not my friends!

Yesterday, the owner/manager (whatever he is) called me and MIRACULOUSLY Lexi's furniture is here... after 4 MONTHS and many phone calls! Well, on more than one of those phone calls, we were told everything was here but the hutch and that he didn't want to deliver until everything was here. Well, now that it is here, they don't deliver to our town! Totally, completely AMAZING! It really makes you wonder what this man is thinking!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Squares!

We've gotten more squares the past few days. This is just my first opportunity to post them. And by the way, I've also mailed out two more to others (one in Canada and another in South Dakota). I am pretty sure that I have mailed out a wish to everyone who has asked.

This one is from a Holly, a fellow teacher at my school. She gave us two fabrics to chose from. These are also from the Charleston collection.

This one is from the Stanley's in our January DTC group. I love the words on this fabric. She is using this as the focal point in her child's quilt. It's adorable!

This one is from another couple from the January DTC group. I love this fabric also! It will work perfectly in the quilt.

These two are from Geoff's Grandmother (Nanny) and her roommate Maggie. Now the pressure is on for the rest of the Virginia crew to get their squares to us!