Thursday, January 28, 2010

Smart? Intuitive??

I made a strange mixture of dinner tonight.  We had left over rotisserie chicken, pork pot stickers, and Italian linguine with asparagus and tomatoes topped with grated parmesan.  Lexi was really feeling the linguine but not the asparagus.  I’m the only asparagus lover in our house at the moment. Well, later on as I was cleaning up the kitchen Lexi and Geoff were reading books.  One of them is a color book about veggies and fruits. Well, when they got to green Geoff said she pointed at the asparagus and started saying “ma-ma! ma-ma! ma-ma!”  A few weeks ago I opened the garbage can and she saw an empty bottle of Dr. Pepper and pointed to it and told me “Da-Da!'”  So apparently, our girl watches us more closely than we know! 

And for a Princess of the Potty update:

Yesterday, Lj woke up dry.  So once we got to Mom’s and I left for work, Mom put her on the potty and she went pee-pee in the potty!  This morning she was almost dry and once again went pee-pee in the potty after I left for work!  She’s getting it!  We really didn’t plan to go with potty training until it warms up but why miss out on an opportunity?  When I got to Mom’s to pick her up this afternoon, there she was sitting on the potty in the living room watching tv and drinking her smoothie.  It was too cute!  I should have ran for the camera! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sign Language...

Lj certainly knows all of her body parts (as her Dr. asked me this week!). She really knows them. The funny thing to us is that when we ask her where "mommy" or "daddy" is she signs them. The lower chin sign is for "mama" and the forehead sign is for "daddy". I wanted to get video of this as any day now, she will point to US instead of signing the word for us. We can't help but take pride in her every move. She sure is an adorable little one!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bedtime Routine

Tonight's’ post in honor of the oh so cute way Lj says “purple”!. 

Most parents learn one way or another that children crave routine and schedules.  We of course were blessed with a child who was used to routine.  We continued her routine and still try to keep it in tact to this day.  However, our own family touches come to light every day.

From day one, Geoff and I have taken turns in putting Lexi to bed.  We have felt as her parents that neither parent should get all the joy or the torture of bedtime.  Seasoned parents know that it can go either way and can change from one day to the next. But for us it gives us equal time holding her, singing to her and listening to her relax before her night’s rest.

Lately, I have begun to employ a childhood tradition that my parents instilled in me.  Prayer.  Mom has told me that they have been saying “Grace” with Lexi at mealtime and she now will bow her head and begin the prayer on her own with “God”.  So I’ve been doing the bedtime prayer I learned as a child with her when it is my turn to put her to bed.

Tonight is just an example of how the power of prayer begins early on.  Lexi was NOT thrilled that it was my turn to put her to bed.  She is missing her Daddy so much lately since he is now in tax season and really only has about a max of 1 hour with her before bedtime.  She tends to always want her Daddy when he is not around as much.  Well, after she got over the fact that it was MY turn we sat in the rocking chair and I began to sing to her.  (bless her poor ears!) Then I asked her if she wanted to say her prayers.  I’ve been doing this for a little over a week on my night.  She immediately sat up and said, “yes”.  So she held her little precious hands together and she bowed her head and we began… “now I lay me down to sleep…” Afterwards, she lay her head on my shoulder and relaxed and I could just feel the sweetness in her.  It’s like another affirmation of God’s blessings on our family. 

I have not talked with Geoff about this.  We both come from different family traditions and his is one we have not discussed. I do not know if he said bedtime prayers or if he prayed before meals.  I guess it’s time for US to get talking.  I guess once again seeing life through the eyes of a child gives way to conversations and new realizations of directions your life should go.  I remember as a family reading Bible stories with my family every night for a very long time.  We all still pray before meals and ask for God’s blessings.

Each day as I watch children in my school act out or even react to events around them in terrible ways, I see a BIG problem in our society.  The lack of family values results in the decline of our society as a whole.  I know that Geoff and I will raise Lexi as best we can to make sure she believes in God and has a strong sense of moral values.  I treasure my prayers with her and hope that she will always treasure it as well. 

This is not my typical post but one that just became so necessary as I put our little Lj to bed tonight.

And one last thing…

    Happy Birthday {Aunt Carolyn, Sister Carolyn, Sis in Law Carolyn}…. we love you!

And since I have not downloaded any new pictures tonight since yesterday, I have to leave you with another one from yesterday… It was too windy and cold to go out this afternoon but yesterday was awesome and we have many pictures to prove it! 


Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Lexi TuTu Cute @ Two Birthday Party!

Sometimes I think I blog too much but then again, I don’t trust my memory and I’m such a proud Mommy I can’t help but share. 

On Saturday, we got Lexi up, had breakfast with her, bathed her and then took her to Mom’s.  We wanted her to have a calm day and get her nap in before her party. Plus this way she got to make a "Grand Entrance”!  I was able to finish decorations.  I had a friend at work make Lexi a small polka dot cake and we purchased cupcakes for everyone else from the Cupcake Emporium in Savannah.  My favorite ones were the lemon strawberry!  Mom made pink punch and I added frozen honeydew melon balls to make polka dots.  I also made some pork and vegetable pot stickers and egg rolls (from frozen of course!) and Geoff went out and picked up 4 different types of fried rice and two different kinds of Won Tons!  Everything was perfect awaiting for her arrival.




IMG_3468 The Grand Entrance! Once they drove up I just sat down on the driveway and started snapping pictures!


IMG_3484 IMG_3485


 We thought after all the practice blowing out candles it would be "piece of cake”! 


But this is what we got with a crowd!  LOL!  We ended up skipping the candles and cake and everyone just began the feast!


Opening presents was fun but interesting.  Lexi liked her first present from Aunt Carolyn so much that she really cared very little to open the others.  I had to do some helping. 


She opened and opened presents.  One of my favorites were matching Mommy/ Daughter bracelets that he purchased for “Orphaned No More”. 


She immediately loved her new tricycle that we bought her. 


Later after everyone left except Geoff’s parents, we tried the cake again.  I started with a cupcake and that was all it took.  She then blew out her candles on the cake and made a few polka dot fingerprints in it and one bite and that was that!  LOL!



Needless to say, it was an awesome day!  (Sorry for the long post! Slideshow will follow soon.)


Happy Birthday Grandma Diane!


Coat Update

Well, I managed to get Lexi to take the coat off only after she fell asleep on her beanbag watching Barney.  Her nap was interrupted today with the Dr. visit and she just crashed this afternoon for about 20 minutes.  She has only fallen asleep like this for us maybe 3 times since we brought her home.  She sure was adorable though.  There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping child.



Guess Who Has a Clean Bill of Health??

And who is FINALLY on the American growth charts?  Yep, you guessed it!


We had our two year appt. today.  Lexi did awesome.  She didn’t even cry when she got her shot! She weighed 23 1/2 lbs (fully dressed w/o shoes) and was 31 1/2 inches tall. But she is finally on the American charts in the 10th percentile and on the Chinese chart he said she would be about in the 25th percentile.  The part that got me all excited was that he said if you take away her age and just compare weight and height we are looking at about the 50th percentile.  He said she looks healthy and has filled out beautifully.  She’s now off the bottle and drinks all her milk from a cup.  Her receptive language is great but we are still awaiting the language explosion.  She says many words and is putting several words together but of course Mommy wants more! 

Lexi does a somewhat lazy eye.  I see it in pictures mostly and the Dr. did give me a name for it but he said it is nothing to worry about. It’s basically the muscles around the eye and sometimes especially if she is tired she doesn’t open that eye as wide as the other.  I really had not noticed it until I began doing the 365 picture a day challenge.  He said he doubted anything would ever have to be done to it as they only correct such a thing when it interferes with vision. 

After our visit we came home and put on the yellow coat that we bought her last year after we got her referral.   It’s amazing that it fits since it’s 6 – 12 months but it looks big.  We went for a long walk/push/ride.  I walked and pushed while she rode on her new tricycle.  We’ve been inside now for at least an hour and she still won’t take off that coat.  Lord help us if she won’t take it off for bed!!!  LOL! 


Sunday, January 24, 2010

More of the Night Before Two!

I’ve said before that I’ve planned like crazy for Lexi’s party.  Trying to think of how to relay all of it and the party seems overwhelming.  On Friday afternoon I worked for over an hour finishing the banner that Richard and I had been making.It took me forever to tie all those bows.  I finished though and was able to manage to tie them to the ceiling and the mantel all by myself. 


A close up…  I got this idea off the Internet.  I think I made mine MUCH bigger than the one you can buy… but it turned out AWESOME!  I’m sure the one you buy is worth the price considering how much time we put into it!


Then I decided to add some finishing touches to Lexi’s Birthday tree…. bows, garland made of pink and red hearts, white and pink bows, white and pink curly ribbon.  Then I had to wait for Carolyn to come over and help give a Birthday bear that sings “Happy Birthday” a bear make-over!  It was about 11:00 PM when she finished with the bear who then had a bow to match the one Carolyn had spent hours on to go with her birthday outfit as well as a bear “tutu” and a birthday sash.  I should have taken a before picture but this was the after…



After that I began decorating cookies… I was a bit disappointed in them.  I tired to take a short cut and use premade Wilton decorators icing when I should have made my own that seems to work better.


After Carolyn finished the bow, we turned to trying to make tissue paper hanging flowers… we are both pretty crafty people with each having their own strengths however, these things that many people say are EASY to make kicked our butts big time.  I ended up borrowing 3 from Tracy and had ONE that I managed to make half way decent.  I think the perfectionists in us made it more difficult.  At one point, Carolyn gave up and tossed hers across the room.  Major laughter followed and it was then we threw in the towel!  LOL! Next time I want hanging decorations… I will order Chinese paper lanterns!


I’ll blog about the ACTUAL party tomorrow. I’ve got hundreds of pictures so a slide show may follow but I want to write down some of the cute things she did and about how much we all enjoyed her party.  I couldn’t have turned out better.  She WAS “Tutu” Cute at Two!




Project 365 ~ Jan. 18th - 24th

 WW_LIFE365_SSP_J15-21b mine copy 

WW_LIFE365_SSP_J22-28a mine copy

Birthday details still yet to come.  However, I did manage to finish the 365 project’s pages.  I’ll be working on birthday next!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

For You Lissa!


More birthday details will follow once this Mom and Dad recover from the fun!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eve of 2 Years old

Flash back to a year ago… we were eagerly awaiting our trip to go to China to get our precious daughter that we had dreamed of for years!  We tried to send her a birthday cake but could not due to the Chinese New Year being so close.  We dreamed of our daughter, wished good things for her, and prayed that she would be well taken care of until we were able to travel to get her.  Now in the present… we have been home with her 10 months and life has never been the same!  Tomorrow Lexi will be TWO!  She will have her very first birthday party on Saturday with family.  I’ve been planning like mad even though it is just family and there is no one to impress… just me wanting to do the very best first birthday party possible for our darling daughter. She will most likely not remember but the pictures will record the date of the very first birthday we celebrated with her.  I almost feel as if I’m planning a wedding because I’ve been so consumed with details like I was when Sara got married and then it’s also comparable to the birth of Brennen (the first grandson).  I remember being like this with Sara’s first birthday party as well.  I just had such strong motherly feelings about the whole event.  I guess it just goes to show that I couldn’t love Lexi anymore than I would had if I had given birth to her myself. I don’t look at her as an adopted child.  I see her as our daughter, Lexi.  When faced with the fact that she was adopted I feel PROUD… proud  that we sought her out, worked tirelessly for her, traveled across the world for her and brought her home.  Adoption is a wonderful thing.  It touches so many people in so many ways.  I hope someday that Lexi will know how much life she brought to Geoff and myself as well as my family. 

So what was Lj doing on the eve of her 2nd birthday?  She told our neighbor Pat using her hands that she was 2.  She also told Carolyn.  (Ahhh…. yes!  We have been practicing for a few weeks to get her to do this…. I guess it’s the teacher in me!) Lexi also started to decorate her pink “Christmas Tree” with birthday dots that my brother and I made at school today.  (he did most of the work while I taught students!)  Her tree is looking very birthday festive although we still have work to do.   I have to say her birthday is bittersweet…. she will be TWO!  I missed out on the first 13 months of her life and now she is venturing into toddlerhood and I am already missing the baby stage.  When you compare Lexi to her ownself just 10 months ago, you already see DAY vs. NIGHT.  She continues to loose her “baby-look” and shows more signs of the independent 2 year old every day.  I guess looking back from experience and then thinking of Lexi in the present, she will be just like Sara … my little baby girl… always. A child that I will always love and cherish no matter what.   As an adult with parents who are just like this with me, I can think of no greater gift.  It’s okay to not completely grow up in our parent’s eyes… it’s just our way of hanging on to some of the greatest moments in our lives.   The blessings given to us via our children. 



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recent Fav Photos


Making sure NOT to look at the camera…


Playing in the pantry…


Playing in her closet…


Coming out just to sing “Where is Thumpkin?”


Just being our silly beautiful girl!

Here we are … just two days from her birthday.  We’ve been making party preparations and we’re so excited but yet not quite ready to let her grow up.  I can’t believe she is almost 2! 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hop on Pop!

Last night Lexi made up a new game which again reminded me of the Dr. Suess book “Hop on Pop!”. You can only imagine… poor Geoff. All I could do was laugh.


We were off of work today for MLK day. I took advantage of it and took Lj to get another hair cut. Her hair just seems to grow like the weeds in our backyard now days! She sure was full of herself today. When we got home I put her down for a nap. After she got up she didn’t want to put her pants back on. So I talked her into at least putting on a pair of warm tights. That pleased her and so began the wild night of independent and defiant Lexi. Sometimes bedtime doesn’t come fast enough! LOL!

IMG_3411Wildness ~ Lj doing her best to twist and turn to keep me from taking today’s picture!


Defiance ~ trying to climb up on the coffee table even as she was being told “NO”!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good Times

We’ve had a great weekend with Lexi. It began Friday with some fun outdoor play and then Saturday we had to stay indoors all day because it rained cats and dogs! Our backyard is now soaked and it will be at least a few days to dry out. Lexi and I played most of Saturday and pretty much got nothing accomplished. I did mix up some sugar cookies for her party on Saturday and today cut them out. Geoff took Sable to the groomer and then went to work. (Yikes! Tax Season!) She looks so much better! We didn’t shave her this time and are going to try to maintain a cocker cut. (wish me luck!)


l took tons of pictures yesterday and today! I can’t scrapbook them fast enough! Here’s a few favorites and a new page. IMG_3321 Running from getting ANOTHER pictures taken!


Playing hide and go seek! Who knew she could fit behind the entertainment center!

Project 365 ~ Jan. 15-17

WW_LIFE365_SSP_J15-21a mine copy

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Breaking Up is Hard to do!

Last year for my birthday Brennen gave me a frog.  A beautiful porcelain frog from Target!  He picked it out himself and as Sara and Brennen walked through Target he held it saying “quack, quack, quack!”.  LOL!  I thought the present was PERFECT and I loved it and the story that came with it but stories sometimes take on their own chapters and Mr. Frog soon did! Lexi she also fell in love with it and every since then Mr. Frog became part of our night time routine.  We would say Goodnight to all the pictures on the mantel and then we had to “KISS” Mr. Frog.  First Lexi kissed him and then she made us kiss him.  EVERY NIGHT!!  Then we would say Goodnight to our family portrait and head to the bedroom.  EVERY NIGHT! 

Well, Mr. Frog met his match when shortly before Christmas Lexi was introducing him to Nana and Papa.  She “accidentally” threw him on the floor and broke him. We were going to “repair” him but the next night she dropped him again and poor froggie has been coming apart every since (now we’ve been kissing him as well as his “boo-boos!”).   Last weekend Geoff thought he had found a replacement (a frog sitting next to a snow globe with a heart inside) but as soon as she picked it up, she dropped it and broke it!  Yikes!  So yesterday Lj and I went shopping and found the NEW Mr. Frog… a plush UNBREAKABLE frog that even has “kiss me” on his chest!

So today was THE day… the day for Mr. Frog #1 to go bye-bye!   I photographed the entire event.  Lexi is happy with New Mr. Frog and has just went to bed with him in tow.  (Good sign!)

When our little Lexi does meet her frog prince, I’ll just have to let him know that she kissed a lot of frogs to find him! 

Breaking Up is hard to do_


Last night a rare opportunity presented itself… for about 5 seconds! Kudos for Daddy for trying to get a picture of it!  Needless to say this was the best we do.  Our Little Lexi Lou Who was on her way UP!