Sunday, September 26, 2010

It finally happened…

Me and Lexi got “sick” at the same time.  Poor Geoff.  This month has just been brutal.  My computer was being repaired for two weeks and that slowed my posting and then taking care of Monarch’s has taken some of my time and then this week was the craziest of all.  On Wednesday, Mom told me on my way home that she wanted me to check Lexi’s temperature because she felt warm to her.  Well, as soon as I heard her voice, I KNEW!  She did have a 99 degree temp that night but nothing too awful.  She coughed occasionally but that was it until in the middle of the night.  Then her fever went up and she got up and got in bed with us. Let me just say she is not a good sleeping buddy!  That same evening, I was tending to the Monarch’s that have literally eaten almost EVERY leaf off of my plants in the backyard when my eyes began to itch.  I went inside washed my hands and started with eye drops.  As the night went on, my left eye got worse.  It was bothering me so bad that I just went to bed at 9:00.  When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t see anything clearly out of that eye and it was still very painful.  With Lexi with a fever and me with a blind eye, I called out sick.  Motrin kept Lexi’s fever at bay but my eye just got worse.  I finally got to the eye doctor at 1:30 and by then I couldn’t read not one letter on the eye chart.  She numbed my eye and gave me two eye types of eye drops. 

That evening, Geoff came home to two sickly girls.  I would have never believed a hurt eye could take me down so hard!  Last year I got milkweed in the right eye but went to the eye dr. right away.  It wasn’t nearly this bad!  Of course Lexi was also getting worse.  Her fever went a little over 103 degrees and we began alternating Motrin and Tylenol.  We got it lower and put her to bed.  I went to bed right behind her.  Again, during the night, she got up with fever and got in our bed.  I really prefer her there when she is sick even if she is like sleeping with the Tasmanian Devil.

I called out sick again on Friday because she had kept us up even more that night and I was still having eye pain but my vision was getting better.  Of course when she got up she was not running a fever and ran around the house like she was just fine.  I couldn’t decide to call the Dr. or not.  I did finally call after she got up from her nap burning up with fever again.  And of course, at 2:30 on Friday afternoon, they couldn’t see her.  So we had another night of alternating Tylenol and Motrin and sleeping with Lexi.  So yesterday, we took her to the Dr. in Savannah.  Thank goodness our pediatrician’s office has weekend morning hours.   I was worried about her cough because she had begun to wheeze at night.  After they examined her she had an infected ear and it appeared that she was headed toward getting bronchitis.  She’s doing much better tonight after two days of antibiotic and they gave us something to give her for the cough for 2-3 days only.  So last night we all slept ALL NIGHT!!!

I knew the day would come when both Lexi and I would be sick at the same time and give Geoff a run for his money.  That night at 10:00 he was picking up fast food and going to the store for diapers and juice.  Now during Lexi’s sickness, we watched Snow White a gazillion times! She wanted to do nothing but watch it over and over.  Once she even told me “Mama, I want to watch it over and over and over again!”.  So on Saturday on the way home from Savannah, we stopped at the Richmond Hill Wal-Mart and found her Halloween costume.  Here’s a preview!

sept 090

And of course, as soon as we got home she had to wear her costume to do what?  Yep!  Watch Snow White AGAIN!  Looking at this picture, you’d never know she was sick! 

Here’s hoping for a nice, healthy, quiet week!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Girl Will Pose For a Silly Picture

Sept 016

Sept 015

This week has flown by as usual.  I long for a low-key non-rushed day and one in which the house and yard are clean and we can just r-e-l-a-x!  I haven’t even managed to take as many pictures this week since we have been so busy.  I did get full cooperation with these two though and I’m sure it’s only because she was being silly trying to wear her Snoopy’s glasses.

Lexi is doing very well at school and seems to just thrive.  She comes home singing songs and talking about the boys and the girls.  She took three monarch caterpillars to preschool.  I chose three that would most likely change into a chrysalis during the 3 days they were in school.  By Thursday 2 of them in a chrysalis and the other was getting ready to make his change.  So I hope that a least one will hatch for them next week. The kids really liked them from what Mom said.  Unfortunately, Lexi’s teacher was out sick this week. When I told her that Miss Leslie was sick she very genuinely said “Mommy, we gotta help her.”  It was very sweet.

My goal for the weekend is to get Lexi praying and reading on video.  It’s too cute to miss!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday YeYe!

Today was Geoff’s Dad’s birthday and Lexi just couldn’t wait to get Ye Ye on the phone.  He wasn’t home when she first called so she left a birthday message.  Later he called and they were able to Skype and then she was able to sing to him.  She seems to really “get” the concept of birthdays now.  And she sure loves her some Ye Ye!  I had to dig around for some pictures because my computer with the newest ones on it is unusable until I get a new cord… oh well.  These will have to do. 




The last two were taken when Lexi was visiting in South Carolina. 

Happy Birthday Ye Ye!  We all love you!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekends fly…

And doesn’t Lexi look fit for flight?  She should since she is wearing her stuffed Snoopy’s glasses.  That was yesterday.  I have to pause for a recap on her Friday….

Friday at breakfast at Mom’s…

   During breakfast Lexi tells Mom that she needs the paper so Mom gives her a part of  the paper.  Lexi turns the page and finds a Blackberry ad and proceeds to “push buttons”.  Mom asked her what she was doing and she said, “texting”.  Mom then asks her who she is texting and she says “Carolyn.  I LOVE her!”.

You can blow me over with a feather because we hardly ever “text” and do not talk about texting.  So… where does this come from??? 

Then later after we come home at the end of the day, I go outside looking for caterpillars and get all hot and sweaty.  I left Lexi inside away from the mosquitoes watching tv and when I came back inside start shedding clothes from being so sweaty in this HOT SOUTHERN humidity.  Lexi took one look at me and said, “Mama! You look like a monkey!”.  What???

And last night we went to a very good friend’s house for dinner where there were some others from work present with their children.  Lexi made fast friends with the older kids but the “one” that was her age just irritated her.  I guess it had something to do with their similar interests in Lexi’s toys and her interest in NOT sharing.  By the end of the evening, Lexi was in love with the twin boys and Macy.  She cried when she had to leave Macy.  

sept 025

sept 026

It was especially nice to see Lexi and Macy become friends since her Mommy and me were both striving to be a Mommy at the same time.  It just took us a little longer to be blessed but thank you Dear Lord, we are blessed!

Now today, we had a lot to do to get ready for the week.  Lexi got really ticked off when Smokey got in her bed to sleep after she ran him out of my bed.  Poor fellow, he just can’t get a break. 

This afternoon while I was preparing dinner, Lexi decided to do a little self-decorating. 

sept 028

Yes, she is still wearing the dress from last night that she insisted on wearing instead of the shorts outfit I picked out.   And after her bath insisted on putting on another dress… (she’ll probably wear it all day tomorrow too!)

And then after dinner we were feeding the caterpillars again.  She likes to look at them and says she wants to hold one until I take it out.  Then it’s a different story.  That’s okay… as long as she is not squishing them. 

sept 030 sept 033

We have learned this weekend that we probably have a LOT less milkweed than we need for all the caterpillars this year, so we are not rescuing anymore until they are huge.  I wish I had worked harder to grow more Milkweed this summer. Who knew?

But the funny thing was after taking our a caterpillar to look at closely and then putting it back, Geoff picked up Lexi and she said, “I go to work, and YOU stay home.”  Again… where does she get this stuff.  At least she understands the concept of work (at least sort of!)  It was quite funny. 

We tried potty training again today and she was mortified when she had an accident.  I pray that she will be potty trained by 3 but right now, I’m betting on 6! 

sept 035

And yes, we did get a fresh haircut on Friday.  It’s a little too fresh for me but that’s how it goes… and here we go on the eve of another Lj week!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Today is my Dad’s birthday. Lexi was so excited to go see him and sing Happy Birthday to him. When we got to Mom’s, she just had to wake him up! She sang her version of the song over and over….something kind of like “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Poppy, hum…hum…um”. It was too cute!

I don’t have a picture that was taken in the last month or so I decided to find a few of my favorites of them.

 IMG_2786 image

June 335

Happy Birthday!  We love you!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Who Needs a Haircut??

Here she is… all washed, hair dry, clean pj’s and cutting up on the bed after Daddy got home.  Just look at that hair!!  She needs a visit to Mrs.. Cheryl so bad but I think she may be busy trying to keep her twins from making their arrival too early.  We will most likely have to find someone to help us out soon … someone who will NOT give her a “bowl” haircut and someone that Lexi will like.  (That’s asking a LOT!)

sept 004 

sept 007

sept 008

She thought it was hilarious to play with Daddy’s belt as he changed and I had to work hard to get some pictures.  The first one was this…

sept 001

Yea, she’s under there somewhere! 

This past weekend Lexi spent Friday through Monday afternoon with her Grandma and Ye Ye from Virginia while we went with Carolyn and John to Jacksonville for a beach weekend.  It was a success and I hope to post pictures taken by Grandma later this week.  I’d say I would post some of our weekend but neither Carolyn nor myself brought our camera since Lexi was not there.

This afternoon after we got home, Lexi and I went Monarch caterpillar hunting.  Just before I left work this afternoon I told Melaine that my caterpillar raising this year would not be as much as last year.  Well…. after collecting 42 caterpillars today, I take that back.  I just can’t resist.  And I’ve talked to Lexi’ s teacher and next week she will be bringing in some to teach the rest of the class about insects.  And to top it off as I collected caterpillars today in our backyard we saw another Monarch laying eggs, at Mom’s there were 3, and at school there was one.  I think baby “cats” will be a plenty.  Good news for the Monarch Caterpillar population.  Fun for Lj and me!


Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Sara!

28 years ago on Labor Day, my life was changing forever.  You graced me with your arrival at 9:06 pm and were the most perfect baby!  You are the sweetest daughter and a wonderful mother.  I can’t imagine my life without you and I’m so proud of who you are!  May all your dreams come true!


Friday, September 03, 2010

Another Week Escaped!

I’ve been told MORE than once that it was time to update our blog.The hard part is finding the time especially with this week!


Aug 307

Playing Hide and Go Seek!

Aug 311

Can you find LexI?


Aug 324

New Shoes!  Suddenly her foot grew and now she is  a 6!  It was a convenient time to buy shoes though.  We got 3 pairs for $25! 

Aug 320

Up close!  These are her new favorite! One day this week she INSISTED on wearing them to school even though they didn’t match her dress.  Oh, well!  2 year olds can make all the fashion faux pas they want.

Aug 350We had the pleasure of the boys and Sara coming over!

Lexi started the 3 days a week program at preschool this week.  It was a huge success!  She loves it and is learning by leaps and bounds!  She has a “new” teacher (the assistant is now her teacher and I couldn’t be happier!) She is wonderful!

Now Lexi is on her way to South Carolina.  Ye Ye and Grandma Smith came and I’m already in withdrawal!  I know she will be well cared for but we will miss our little sweetie.  (I already DO!) Hurry up weekend and get over!