Wednesday, December 29, 2010

T’was A few Nights After Christmas…

Okay, so I know I missed posting about Christmas.  We’ve had so much fun with Lexi this year that we just could not find the time.  I wanted to the other day but found myself updating Windows Live Writer instead.  So here I am tonight.

I just pulled back the covers in the bed to take time to blog and what do I see… princess high-heels starring back at me!  But where is Lj???  She apparently left a calling card for us!  This morning I took her to SC to meet Ye Ye and Grandma Smith approximately halfway until we can join them this weekend.  I remember Lexi telling me this morning, “no shoes in the bed!”.  LOL!  She fooled me! 

So this afternoon I got a call from Grandma S asking me to be on the lookout for pictures in email.  Well, we got the cutest pictures!  And they all had the time of their lives this afternoon playing in real snow that was left over from Sunday!  On Sunday when we began to have some snow flurries, Lexi ran to get dressed warm and announcing that she wanted to build a snowman!  We laughed because we knew that the flurries would only last a little while. 

Today her wish was granted as she was able to make a snowman with Ye Ye and Grandma in SC.  They had just enough almost melted snow to make one poor pitiful snowman but to Lexi it was priceless. 


She was even able to throw a snowball or two…


Just look at our girl with her mittens so excited!


And then the mad little Lexi after she had to come inside and pitched such a fit that she landed in timeout on the stairs.   (she turned away from the camera when being documented! LOL!)


But later all was okay when she baked Christmas cookies with Grandma and even licked a few for good measure.


They called us tonight and the little she-devil told us immediately that she wanted us to come get her but then quickly ditched us to go play with Ye Ye.  She is such the manipulator!  I’m so worried about the damage that she will withstand until we get to her this weekend ----- NOT!  I’m not sure who will have the most fun, Lexi or Grandma and Ye Ye.  All I know is that in the background I could hear her singing in her microphone that she got from Santa… “old McDonald had a farm…”.

The sad thing is I think it is her Daddy that is suffering the worst!  He came home and turned on her newest favorite show “The Fresh Beat Band” and watched it as if she were home… uh-huh????  This gives new meaning to the age old question which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  In our case, the child or the parent?? Or perhaps it is just that children (as I’ve always thought) keep us young. 

And yes, we do miss her very much!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Angel's Antics

When Lexi got home on Friday afternoon, look what Angel the Elf had been up to!  She thought he was silly this time.  Thankfully, she didn't get mad at him today for bothering her stuff.

I'm working on our Christmas cards now.  I took pictures of Lexi last night in her Christmas dress.  She pitched the Mother of all FITS when I took that dress back off of her.  We even had to pacify her by putting another dress on her!  I had my dear friend Melissa edit some of the photos and she even made us a variety of cards.  She is so talented!  Here are a few of my favorites... our girl is getting so big!

And Yes!  She needs a hair cut really bad! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

More Adventures of Angel

Gosh, last night we got home late and ended up doing the dreaded fast-food dinner.  We ate dinner and then I took off to go turn the light off in my car.  (We had put it in the shop and after putting the key in the lock box, I realized I had left the interior light on.)  Well, after Lexi finished her dinner Geoff said she spotted Angel the Elf!  That little mischievous Elf had decided to prank Lexi again!  This time he took her pink high top shoes and put them on our Christmas Tree and he even sat in one of them.  Geoff said Lexi went nuts!  She wanted her shoes and she was not pleased with Angel.  I sure hope Angel starts to be a little nicer to her because she sure does not like it when he messes with her stuff! Geoff captured a few pictures.

 Just look at that face!  Talk about a little Drama Princess!

We really need to decorate the tree!  We bought it last Saturday but have been so busy this week, we never have found time to work on it.  Hopefully we can work on it tomorrow.  We are planning to take Lexi to the Christmas parade in town tonight.  We missed Santa's arrival in town along with his reindeer  this week because it was just too cold to bring Lexi out at night.  We've had some freezing cold weather this week!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Angel the Elf

I had a fun afternoon with Lexi yesterday.  After we got home she discovered her Christmas tree that is in the dining room had been the target of a very mischievous Elf.  (She named her Elf Angel the night before.)  Angel was left on the top of the tree the night before and he was still there but he had been a very busy Elf while we slept.  He must not have liked the way Lexi decorated her tree because he took almost all the ornaments off including the topper and put them in the floor! 

I wish I had it on video when she stood there and fussed at Angel!  She surely gave him a talking too!  She told him that he better not do that anymore! And then I helped her redecorate it.  Wonder what that little fellow will get into tonight!

After we finished cleaning up Angel's mess, we started making treats for Lexi's preschool class.  Today is our day for this month and since it's so close to Christmas, we make pretzel wreaths.  She did a great job helping her mommy!  I usually use the regular Christmas M&M's but when I went to Kroger to get the supplies all they had were the new Cherry Cordial flavor.  So I bought them not knowing that they were big!  Anyhow, they turned out nice.  She did not like the cherry licorice but she sure did like the almond bark on the pretzels!

I think next week we will make pretzel reindeer to send in just because.  Next week is our last week of school (both of us) before the Christmas holidays.  I can't wait to get some more time off!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Christmas Star

Last week, Lexi brought home a paper star to decorate and bring back to preschool.  So last night we worked on decorating it.  I ended up using some of my scrapbooking materials and together we made a very cute ornament.  She was really into using the Modge Podge! She got really irritated with me when I cut her face out of a picture we had lying around.  She said, “That’s not nice Mommy!  That’s Lexi’s picture.  You cut Lexi out.”  It was funny. 


Then when Daddy come home, we had pizza.  She ate with her angel wings and halo on.  What a cute angel she is going to make next week! 

Then later in the evening, I read her The Elf of the Shelf book and we put him up in her Christmas tree. 

Monday, December 06, 2010

By Popular Demand...

 Sorry my posts have been so long... 

I got a message from a friend today who said she was positively in Lj withdrawal.  All I can say is that it has been a busy time around her.  But I will provide a tidbit from November from our precious little future SCAD student.  

Here she is in all her glory... in an outfit of her own design...

Just let me say, life with Lexi is NEVER dull.  She constantly creates her own outfits and has her own way of doing everything.   Just think, next week this mismatched beauty will be an angel in the school play!  I wonder how that will work out!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Turkey Time!

Tomorrow is our monthly snack day for Lexi’s preschool.  I used to love this time of year when I had a classroom.  We were always making edible snacks so now that Lj is in preschool, I can’t help but relive some of those moments with her.  Since it is November, I decided to make turkeys for snacks.  I have to admit that I wondered why tonight as I worked for hours just to make 15 turkey cookies!  I luckily tried one last night only to discover that I had the wrong kind of red icing and instead of our turkey having a gobbler it looked more like a bloody nose!  I sure hope they like them tomorrow and I can’t wait until the day comes that Lexi can help me make them.  I even made one special one for the child in the class with a peanut allergy.  I wrapped each one individually and they are finally ready for snack time tomorrow!

Nov 020

Last night I worked on a scrapbooking canvas for Lissa.  I finished it tonight and this one by far is my favorite of all the 6 I have made in the last month. 

Nov 008

My next task is to get a new postcard out to family and friends of our sweet Lexi.  It’s way over due!  I’d love to spend most of my time crafting but dang if for some reason I have to actually WORK! 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Just as I was getting back into my “blog groove” life sped up!  Last Sunday night my uncle passed away and of course, it changed the plans of the week.  Mom headed to SC to go be with her sister.  On Wednesday, Carolyn and I headed to the funeral and left Lj with her Daddy.  Although, it’s always hard to lose a family member, we all felt peace knowing that my uncle is in a better place and will no longer live his life in pain. We enjoyed seeing extended family but it was such a long day!  I hope to go back soon for a family reunion and bring Lexi and Geoff with me.

On Thursday, I was able to leave work around lunch and go to Lexi’s school for their costume parade.  Lexi was a bit overwhelmed with all the activity.  They had carnival games, a pizza party and then the costume parade.

Oct 504

Oct 507

Lexi and her friend Rachel

When I got back to school Ms. Lissa had a gift bag for Lj so when I got home and gave it to her, she was in heaven!  Sara had come over to take care of Lexi while I finished work so the boys were here playing with her.  They enjoyed it too!

Oct 535

Oct 542

Thanks! Ms. Lissa!

Sara took care of Lj for us Thursday afternoon and Friday.  Lexi was thrilled because she brought along her newest member of their family, Gracie.  Lexi would like a Gracie of her own but oh, well.

Oct 545

Friday afternoon after I got home, we dressed the kids up in their costumes and headed downtown for the Scarecrow and Beggars Stroll.  It was really nice.  The downtown businesses were giving out candy and they had all kinds of activities for the kids.  We even watched one of the local bank employees perform Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in the street.  They decorated pumpkins too!  Brennen sure does not like scary costumes but he didn’t mind picking up a few props.

Oct 572

Oct 575

Oct 579 These three were NOT much interested in allowing photo opts! Brennen would not wear his transformer mask and CE wouldn’t wear his gorilla top.

After we left downtown, we headed to our church Fall Festival.  (which is just down the street) Our church goes all out every year.  They had games, bouncy house and slide, free hot dogs, chili, drinks, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and tons of games. 

Oct 585

Oct 586

Lj and Daddy collapsed soon after we got back home.

On Saturday, we took Lj to the County Fall Festival.  It was huge!  Totally crowded and totally overwhelming!  Lexi didn’t smile not once.  She just took in the crowds.  The only thing she did was get her face painted like a kitty-kat.  Brennen rode the horses but CE only sat on it and then wanted right off.  We didn’t stay that long because she was so overwhelmed.

Oct 595

Oct 603

 Oct 614

Later in the day after much needed naps, we carved our pumpkin just in time for trick-or-treating.  We had to pull out Lj’s Cinderella dress for trick-or-treating because the hem of the Snow White one is coming un-sewn. We played around out front and then walked down the street pushing Lj on her tricycle.  She had no problems going to the doors but would not say “trick-or-treat” no matter what we said.  Nor would she say “thank-you”.  She wanted to but was acting shy!

Oct 624

Oct 633

Oct 639

Oct 644

Oct 656

Oct 660

Oct 661

Oct 663 

Oct 664

Oct 667

Oct 679

Oct 683 

Oct 687

Too bad I didn’t get another picture of Lexi passed out on her Daddy’s lap again on the couch.

 We were going to go back to the pumpkin farm today with Sara and the boys but with my week being so busy, I just couldn’t find the energy.  I think Lj has had plenty of stimulation this week!  So we had a quiet day at home.  I love this time of year!  There is so many fun things to do and we find ourselves looking for festivals to go to.  We’ll see what is next!


Potty training is going great!  She rarely pees in her pull-up and tells us when she needs to go potty.  She hasn’t mastered the poopy part but she is trying.  The first time she went poopy in the potty she freaked out and cried like crazy.  It really bothered me but after a day or so, she was okay again. It’s hard to believe that just last weekend, we were potty training her and now she is almost complete.  She even has been waking us up at night if she is wet.  I can’t wait for Mom to see how much she has changed in the week she has been away! We even had our first public restroom potty visit today.  She did awesome!  We took her back to the China Buffet Restaurant for supper tonight.  She ate better than she has in a very long time.  I think I’m going to have to learn to make lo Mein.  She also fell in love with snow crab legs!  We are very proud of our sweet little Lexi!