Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7 Months Closer to Lexi Jayne!

Today is the 7 month anniversary of our log-in date. I went into Lexi's room tonight to put something away and just got what I guess would be "wait-sick" for her. I looked through her books, outfits and held some of her softy toys. I finally had to make myself walk out. I guess it is to be expected that it just catches up with me at times. I guess today is just one of those times. At least we are 7 months closer... yeah, that's right 7 months closer.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Home From Our East Coast Girls Weekend!

What a weekend! I flew to Philadelphia on Friday and met 13 other people from our January DTC Yahoo group. This was a gathering of girls from New Hampshire, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland,and Arizona (I think I got them all!) I can't even begin to express how much fun we had! Over the past 7 months, I've got to know these ladies but after this weekend I feel like we've all bonded into great friends. Everyone was awesome and I absolutely hated that I was the first to fly home today. The main event of the weekend was our walking tour of Philly Chinatown. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner cooked by Susan from FL on Friday evening. We even had a bit of a PJ party in the room last night that included Stephe's adorable Pirate (her Yorkie). I'll post more pictures as I get them from the group. I took very few pictures of the group because we had so many cameras, we decided we'd all share.

We're already discussing a reunion trip this time next year with our daughters. Thanks girls... it was a fantastic time!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Newest Pages for Scrapbook Swap

Geoff was out of town again last night, so I scrapbooked all night (literally ALLL night... I went to bed at 4:00!). Our theme this month is "Time to Eat". I made these pages for Sandy in Texas. Of course, I made some duplicates for Lexi's book too.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I've been showered!

You know I particpate in many kinds of swaps with my January DTC group (the Precious Pandas). Well, I've had two packages mailed to me recently that never arrived. Both ladies had sent word that the packages had been mailed. One was my Secret Pals' July and August gift and the other my scrapbook swap partner. I finally went by the post office today and just asked them to check for packages in my name. Low and behold I had two packages sitting on the shelf that had been there since Aug. 21st! I never got a delivery notice! Thankfully, the packages were still there. I eagarly drove home and opened packages like it was Christmas!

Our July secret pal theme was Fun on a Long Trip to China and the August was "something to keep baby safe". My SP has outdone herself!! Let's see if I can figure it all out~

For me.. The book "The Kid Turned Out Fine", a Burt's Bee's Starter Kit, a Tide on the Go pen (oh, how I so need this!! )and chapstick.

For Geoff:

A book, "500 Great Things About Being a DAD", a Burt's Bees Remedy Kit, and my favorite a Buzzer Ring... (along with a note for Geoff to take it to the Consulate appointment in China.)

For Lexi:

Includes a cloth teether, Burt's Bee's Baby Bee "Getting Started Kit", and a bunny bath buddy!

There was also some travel cups, bubbles, linking rings, disposable bibs, a travel bottle of Germ-X and Silly Puddy!

And I think the rest is for keeping Lexi safe:

I couldn't believe it when I saw the baby monitor! This certainly is something to help keep Lexi safe and we have NOT bought one yet. There was also several boxes of outlet covers and cabinet locks.

I have to say, our secret PALs have made me feel extra-special! I am sorry it took me so long to get the package but it WAS worth the wait!

I've recently tried Burt's Bees hand salve and can't wait to see how I like the rest of it. I love the hand salve as it is in a bar and can actually GO on a plane right now even with all the carry on restrictions. I've been inhaling the Baby Bee kit and just imagining using these products on Lexi. We have the best SP's in the world!! I hope they somehow know how special they are to us!!

After I finished opening the never-ending box full of presents from our SP, I got the scrapbook supply swap box. My DTC buddy, Susan, also showered us with wonderful items! I hope to use some of them this weekend!

I love the letters she made from her Cricut! I hope to get one of these handy little machines from Santa (*hint *hint!!) this Christmas! She also sent a scrapbook kit, a ladybug metal stencil, some cloth baby tags, a scrap pack of multi-colored paper squares, and 3 mini punches! Wow!! This is a perfect collection!

It seems I've been blogging about my shower of gifts all afternoon! It was so much fun and I am so grateful for such wonderful swap buddies!

Now I'm off to sniff the Baby Bee starter kit some more... oh, it's like I can smell Lexi already!