Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last post and CAUGHT UP!

It’s been craZy around here lately.  Winter sniffles and so much going on with family!  I’ve neglected posting and honestly, if I had to go to work tomorrow, I would not be posting now!  We do however continue to make memories around our house and I do so want to document them. 

This past week…

    Carolyn shaved her head.  Bought a wig and prepared Lj for the difference.  Lj took it in stride.  I gave Carolyn the hat I wore in Beijing before we got Lexi and added a bow from Lexi’s huge collection that was very nice and much to our satisfaction, she loved it! Lexi has shown no signs of dismay of Carolyn’s new appearance.  I thank God for this!  I hope and pray she accepts everyone in her life the same way.

  It was Valentine’s Day.  Lexi’s Daddy gave me the most beautiful cross and of course Lexi wanted one too… as she put it … she wanted a “t” like Mommies.  Geoff also gave me the most precious “promise” complete with a frame from the Christian Book Store.  Lexi made it very unique by on her own taking a red pen and underlining “ I will learn from my mistakes…” .  We found this so funny!  As it was a mistake on her behalf to draw on Mommy’s present! 

Lexi love receiving gum from YeYe… (yea.. thanks!) and Grandma.  A Bath set with extra characters from the Little Mermaid from Nana and Papa.  A dress from Aunt Carolyn… A card from Maggie with a big $5 bill!… Candy from Sara and the boys… a card from Aunt Neaners… a bag of lots of cool stuff from Ms. Lissa and goodies from Mommy and Daddy. 

And finally today… yes almost a week late, we finished our gifts… handmade cards with hugs.  It was a huge thing to do despite how easy it looked on Pinterest! 



And did I forget to mention that Lexi and her Daddy made brownies today???  Good heavens how am I expected to keep up with all the things we do!  Really!  It gets harder every day!  And that is why we now have posts from a full month in ONE night on my night off!




Brownies anyone??? 

And just think I didn’t even include our day from last Friday in the Mall… who says there are terrible twos or even threes… I say they can make any age terrible depending on the mood they are in that particular day!!!  I’m just sayin’  …

Valentine’s Day Gifts…

I never knew how hard it would be to make homemade gifts for family and close friends.  We JUST today finished our cards!  It was fun and we created many memories but yet we ARE late for V-day.   I don’t like being late.  But oh, well… such it is!

We made gifts for teachers, friends, and family.  It was fun but we in the end did not make the timeline.  Opps! 




And for Daddy… (a repurposed idea from Pinterest.}


And a gift from Paper Coterie.




Mommy’s favorite side dish… which could easily be a meal!



Really.. I am the Green Bean Queen!

Lexi meets Mommy’s “Blankie” aka puppy!

lI have two toys from my childhood.  One is a puppy that is about to self-destruct and the other is one my Grandma Thompson made for me when I was about 6 or so.  The puppy is the one I remember the most.  I remember his from when we moved to GA when I was five years old.  One of the first channels we got on PBS was one where a woman told stories of a dog and drew pictures as she told the stories.  I remember being mesmerized during every show watching the artist draw pictures while telling the story and at then end taking her stuffed dogs ears and covering up his eyes.  I used to do the same thing.  It’s pretty cool to see your daughter playing with a toy dog that meant so much to you as a child.  I only let her play for so long because the poor dog is just disintegrating every day.  But it really is so cool!



Happy Valentine’s Day 2012

It was a fun day!  Here’s our V-day beauty…


Birthday present from Auntie Sharon…


Loved it!

Back to Birthday…

I know I’m late!  I’ve thinking I should just adopt the philosophy that late is better than never!  I kind of think of that I don’t have as much time as I used to as Lexi grows older!  Sounds good right??? To us it fits!

So as her birthday arrived in January, we wanted to do something other than cupcakes.  On Pinterest, I found some ideas that got my creative juices flowing.  Here was the result…





The chocolate covered strawberries instead of cupcakes were a total hit!  And once again, we had a great Mommy/Daughter evening making them!

A walk back in time…

In January Lj turned four… we finally relaxed some restrictions (no pop corn}.  It was as if we had turned regular food into candy!  So here is one of the first days of popcorn…


At first blankie took the backseat to the popcorn.  (It was a cold January afternoon when popcorn, warm blanket and an entertaining show would do for most of us).  I bought the first reaction…


and hoped that the “discarded blankie” was a good sign!


Then tummy became full of popcorn and eyes got sleepy… then the want for blankie kicked in! 


Woe is me!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

True Heros

Here is a post I’d like to share from FB.  My brother in law is in Afghanistan.  He found out this week that my sister’s hair was falling out and she had just shaved it to just speed the inevitable. This morning John posted this very uplifting photo and post. 


KABUL, Afghanistan - Task Force Hydra Soldiers show their support for
Command Sg...t. Maj. John E. Smiley's wife Carolyn R. Smiley, who began her 2nd Chemotherapy treatment session this week. 40 male Soldiers shaved their heads in support of Carolyn who has had to do so because of the treatment.
Carolyn was diagnosed with breast cancer over Veteran's Day weekend this past year and has been undergoing cancer treatment since.
"This is great and unreal," said Command Sgt. Maj. Smiley of the support
shown by the 648th Soldiers. "I never expected this much support, it's
HHC, 648th MEB 878th Engineer Battalion Georgia National Guard 348th Brigade Support BattalionSee More

‎2LT Pippins

By: ‎648th MEB

Small acts of kindness can mean the world to someone else. It can uplift them on a bad day and let them know that they do not have to face difficulties alone. I really must find something to do for these men in appreciation.  What a great way to meet the day today.  Reading this post has really touched my heart!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

New Photos courtsey of Lissa!

Guess who got to come to work last week with Mommy?  Yep! Lj!  And guess who just loved it?  You got that right!  And while she was there Miss Lissa took some pictures even though the sun was barely up!  Lexi posed like a pro and then later I took her to school (which she was not exactly happy about!). 

And the end result was a card soon to be mailed out to family and close friends just announcing her arrival to the realm of 4 year olds! 

Just where does the time do??? So many times Lj tells us she wants to be a baby again.... and so many times we miss that stage but yet, every day we marvel at the transformation of our little precious girl and how we love her even more each day after the day before!  And how much we believe God just chose her just for US!  She is a blessing and as long as she is with us, we feel it every single day!  God is good!