Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break just keeps slipping away…

You know I just don’t recall a Spring Break with this much miserable weather in all my 23 years of teaching.  We began it with raging wild fires one county away where my sister, niece, and daughter live.  According to the news the fire burned the equivalent of 2000 football fields!  Thank God there was no lives lost and only one home burned.  The rain was welcome to help put out the hot spots that lingered after days of burning woods.  The last few days of rain has been the most helpful but even still they warn for no one to burn anything. 

Then I’ve been worried constantly about my Uncle David in SC.  He’s been very ill and it’s been touch and go every day.  I’ve kept my mind open to the idea of heading up to SC at any notice to help in any way I can. My cousin is an only child and I can only imagine the stress she is under trying to be strong under such conditions.  Last night as I lay in bed, I couldn’t sleep and just had worries for so many things run through my mind.  It finally dawned on me that the only way to really get through it all is to just put it in God’s hands so that is what I prayed and that was what finally eased my mind to finally get some rest.

This afternoon, Lj and I made a quick run to the grocery store and ran into the wife our family dr.  I thanked her for all the good things he does for my Daddy and told her how grateful I am that he cares so much.  I guess it weighs on my mind tonight the drama we all face and the worries we all worry but in the end we need to trust our Lord and recognize and be thankful for the goodness in those we share moments in time with on this earth.  And of course, every single day of my life and many times each day, I am thankful, blessed and grateful for the presence of our precious daughter in my life and her wonderful daddy.  I have no new picture for today but I’ll find an old unposted one just for good measure!  She beautiful today, yesterday, and forever.



Ahhh… yes… a recent photo of the newest bathing suit purchase for the summer.  She will be the cutest little bumble bee on the beach!  And despite the dismal weather this week, Carolyn and I did manage to get our yearly beach week booked today!  This week may stink but hopefully, July will be much better!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break is not so Springy!

Last week our weather was in the high 80’s and everyone eagerly awaited Spring Break.  We were even talking about going to the beach!   HA!  This week it’s turned cooler (I even had to turn the heat on yesterday!) Today it rained ALL DAY! 

It already just stinks that my Spring Break is in the middle of tax season.  So my entertainment has been Lj!  Here’s some random photos of our boring week.

Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart looking for play earrings.  We didn’t find them but ended up with nail polish.  She insisted on BLUE GLITTER.



Spoiled???  6 stores later finally found a cheap fake jewelry set.  And after all that, she has yet to put them on!  We went looking in the first place because she was fussing over her broken ones.



Mommy’s little cooking buddy.  She even peeled a potato!



Painting a picture…



Talking on the phone with Brennen.




And today hiding under the coffee table…




Making brownies for Daddy (this was AFTERward when she begged to taste the batter)…

And of course, there is MORE rain in the forecast.  I should have gotten pictures of her as I tried to vacuum today and she road on the canister the entire time.  It’s just me and my shadow!

Another Blankie Story

When we noticed how attached Lexi was to her blanket early on, we bought a back up.  We learned this trick the hard way with Sable and her toys.  So Lexi has a Blankie at Mom’s and one at our house.  One morning this week, she told mom “My Blankie misses me.”  Mom told her that she couldn’t got get it because my niece is visiting and she was sleeping in the room with Lexi’s crib.  So Lexi was okay with that … for a while.  Then she comes up with “Nana, my Blankie is crying.  He’s crying!  He misses me!”.  It’s so funny how she talks to “him”.  I don’t suppose she’ll ever need an imaginary friend as long as she has Blankie. 


Friday, March 25, 2011

Boo-Boo Friday

For the last month, Geoff has been playing basketball on Thursday nights.  Last night Geoff hurt his foot while guarding and sort of rolled on the side of his foot.  Of course, Mr. Macho Man didn’t tell anyone and continued to play.  By the time he got home his foot was red in one spot, swollen, and hurting.   By this morning, it was worse looking.  He finally got into to see an orthopedic dr. late this afternoon.  Dr. Wanda was right once again… he has a fractured bone.  Turns out he has some hollow places in his bones in his left foot and the break was in one of them.  So Mr. Macho man is now Mr. Hobble-Foot with his foot in a boot. 

So while we waited for him to get home, Lexi scratched a mosquito bite until she made it bleed.  She then of course HAD to have a band-aid for her boo-boo.  She is such a little drama queen.  So when Daddy came home we took boo-boo pictures.






And to top off this crazy Boo-Boo Friday, I have some kind of rash on my face that is red, itchy and spreading. I’ve had it on and off for a month or so but today it kicked up into high-gear and has spread all afternoon.    I guess I’ll be the next one to go to the dr.  

Geoff sure is a trooper though.  Even with his fractured foot, he went out to Mom’s a while ago to retrieve "Blankie”.  We had left “him” there and Lexi was missing him.  We tried to get her to spend one night without him and sleep with her pink blanket but she just told Geoff, “this is not Blankie”.  Then when he was tucking her in for bed said “Will Nana take good care of Blankie?”.   After all that and my face burning and itching like mad and nothing to put on it, he decided to go get me some medicine to help ease.  That’s a really great Daddy!  I don’t know what Lexi, Blankie, and I would do without him!



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Planning Ahead…

Easter is just around the corner and I’ve been feeling a bit guilty for not planning anything special for Lj’s class for St. Patrick’s Day so when I came across an idea that I liked I just had to “hire” Melissa’s help in making a special treat for Lj’s class.  I love the end result!  Now for once I’m a whole month ahead of the holiday!  I also love inspiring Melissa to do her “thing”!  She is a very talented woman  and is growing more so every day! 

I ran right out today and bought the Peeps we will need!

This is the front: 

IMG_0395 (Medium)_thumb[1]

And this is the back!

Peeps_Girl_back (Medium)_thumb[3]

When I suggested that Melissa begin her 2nd career with a photography session with Lexi I was not kidding.   She now has a blog with her creations and I just love watching it grow.  You can check it out here.

I will be sending out Lexi’s 3rd birthday announcement tomorrow that was also one of Melissa’s creations.  I LOVE it!!!


January Flashback…

As I have said before, blogging is often hard to do with a 3 year old who is the center of all of the attention all of the time!  I found some pictures I took of Lj in January of her cutting her plant’s “hair”.  It was too cute!

Her Aunt Carolyn got her this little Santa.


Jan. 001


Then a few weeks later, she gave him another “hair cut”~


Jan. 004

Jan. 006

The little guy got a few more hair cuts before he kicked the bucket!  What will be ever do with all of this Lj talent???

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is there a ransom call coming??

These pictures were taken yesterday while Lexi waited impatiently for her Aunt Carolyn to come pick her up. 

march 11 066

march 11 071

march 11 069

march 11 075

She was going to stay with her while Daddy worked and Mommy went to the dentist.   After my appointment, Carolyn was in no way ready for her to go and wanted her spend the night.  So I relented.  Well… here it is Sunday afternoon and still no Lexi.  Carolyn WAS SUPPOSED to bring her back home but now I’m wondering if she is  going to call with a ransom amount! 

I know Lexi and Carolyn, Brittney and John have enjoyed her but I’m ready for our little fire cracker to come home!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Calling it now… she’s an entertainer!

Everyday our little Lexi continues to amaze us!  Her character comes out more and more!  Just this afternoon I was talking to Sara on the phone and she said, “she sure is loud!”.  Yea… that’s our girl!  Loud and proud! Our day began with “nuggling” in bed after Daddy went to work and then we ate Fruit Loops and watched Caillou.  What toddler wouldn’t love that! 

Once we finally got out of bed, I began to try to clean up the house that badly needed some floors worked on.  As soon as I pulled out the vacuum cleaner I had an unwelcome attachment … Lexi Jayne!  I asked her to please go play and she turned and walked away … complete with shrunken’ shoulders, dropped arms and head walkin’ away from me… AND, YES it broke my heart!  I couldn’t help but ask her to come back and give her a hug … and kiss… and finish vacuuming with her on my hip. 

She later resisted nap-time and then took an almost 3 hour nap!  Needless to say this gave us plenty of extra energy compliments of Lj. 

When her Daddy got home from working tax-season hours, she met him at the car and he had bought her a $5 bouquet of flowers at Kroger.  When she saw them she let out a big gasp and then when he gave her the flowers she said “WHY THANK YOU!” and did her usual bow as Geoff in returned said “Your welcome!”  It was priceless!

Then as Geoff cooked dinner we did the bath thing and then ate dinner.  She immediately wanted down but we made her sit and talk with us for   some family time.  After dinner she decided to go on a quest for her doll house babies’ Mommy and Daddy… when we couldn’t find them she decided that Yeye and Grandma must have taken or hidden the dolls last weekend when they were visiting.  it was hilarious to listen to her ask Grandma on the phone where she hid her Mommy and Daddy. 

We finally found them in her Minnie Mouse Pocketboook!  Then she and I had to sing the babies to sleep and then make the Mommy and Daddy be “quiet” after the babies went to sleep. 

All in all the day was super fun but our little Lexi is quite the challenge!

Here is my lame attempt to get her to reenact the flowers with Daddy… he was trying to cook dinner for us and at the point of the video she just wanted her Daddy to take a picture of me and her.  This child is amazing.  If I have to say so myself!