Saturday, April 29, 2006

Poor Patches!

What on earth is Patches going to do when Lexi gets here?? She is literally always "attached" to Geoff.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Anniversary Sara and Chris!!

Three years ago (yes, on my birthday) Sara and Chris tied the knot. I can't believe it's already been three years! I love you two!

It's My Birthday and I'll talk (Long) if I want to...

Today has been an up and down b-day. I had a meeting at the Tech Office today (which was not the most fun meeting I've had in a while) and didn't get to my school until after lunch. When I got there, my dear friends Melissa, Melaine, and Susan had a nice gift for me from my favorite store in town. It was a Sign of Love Willow Tree Angel that came with a Yankee Candle as well as a car coaster (really cool!) and some Yankee matches. It was totally sweet of them! Then just after, I got a call from my brother in law. I couldn't believe it because I think it was night time in Iraq. The first thing that popped out of my silly mouth was, "Your calling from Iraq??" Duh! He's only been there for a year now! But we had a nice conversation and he totally made my day!

Geoff surprised me with a set of Golf Clubs. I've wanted to try it so I guess now I will. I thought it would be something fun we could do together. Plus he got me a pink scrapbooking case to carry all of my stuff in when I have a crop. This is cool because now I won't have to lug all my stuff in a rubbermaid container anymore! He's always great a picking out gifts.

Then I selfishly went to our school's Harley driving 2nd grade teacher and got him to have his kids sing happy birthday to me. (Just imagine... "Happy Birthday to you (cha, cha, cha!), Happy Birthday to you, (cha, cha, cha!) and so forth ~ You can't beat kids singing to you!) I missed having a class to do that this year so I made it happen!

Then Geoff called and wanted to grill steaks for me but no sooner did I buy them, did it start pouring rain. So I cooked dinner instead and we saved the steak for tomorrow. Rats! So I decided to get on the computer and check out the CWA web board and my Yahoo Groups. This is where I got down in the dumps somewhat. It seems that the wait is getting longer again! Now the wait for referral is more like 12 months from log in date. If this remains true, we will probably won't be going to China until my NEXT birthday. This experience seems to be the never ending uncertain journey! When we decided to try to have a baby, I told Geoff that I had a cut off date for becoming a mom again. Well, the next birthday is it. I never dreamed I'd be cutting it so close. It's frustrating!!! The only thing I can do is pray that things will change in China and will speed up. I wonder if we will ever get there. I worry that something will go wrong.... Ugh!!

So as I try to be positive I have been trying to think of good reasons to travel in the Spring of 07....
1. More time to get in shape and loose weight
2. Finish the dissertation
3. Have all 100+ wishes scrapbooked
4. learn to play golf before I can't do it anymore
I'm stretching to get 4 reasons... Anyone have any more??? I guess I could add, that I'd have the best birthday present ever but I'd like it at Christmas or Thanksgiving!

So this is it... Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. I titled this especially for my sister because she tells me I'm too long winded sometimes on the blog. :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Treasures From Our Secret Pal

We got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from our secret pal. The theme this month is "April Showers Bring Mei Flowers". The package included a wind sock with flowers and a ladybug on it, a pink pacifier with a clip, a pink baby purse with a scrunchy, a bib, some cute baby booties, a baby einstein lullaby cd, a cute yellow and lavender play outfit, a pink and white capri outfit, some white barrettes, and a cuddly pink bunny rabbit. Oh and I almost forgot some delicious marshmallow Peeps. Wow! I think our secret pal "showered" us this month! Thanks Secret Pal! You are the best!

Tryin' To Get Caught Up!

It seems to be getting harder to keep up with posting new squares. Geoff's Mom and Dad and sister-in-law visited over the weekend so we were especially busy over the weekend. So here goes....

This is from a dear teacher friend of mine that now lives in Wyoming. I think I've said this before but this quilt is such a great way to reconnect with friends and family. I was so excited to get this in mail!

This is a wish and fabric from the Stewart's that go to our church. The card has the verses from "Jesus Loves Me" and then on the back of the card it tells about the history of the song. The wish was so sweet and yes, Lexi will grow up singing this song.

This is a wish from a fellow friend, Loretta, and teacher at my school. The wish was very special. She told the story of how her Mom used to make quilts from old clothes. She gave me a piece of fabric from one of her daughter's dresses. How special!!

When I got back from Spring Break, Melaine had some scrapbook stickers for me. My scrapbooking talent is getting better and I was going to redo her page. So she picked out some pretty stickers for me to choose from. I'm so blessed to have such great friends.

I got this fabric and scrapbook page from Nikki at school. She is the most talented scrapbooker I know. This page is totally awesome! The fabric is from Flavia, whom she quoted on the page. It's so sweet!

Thanks everyone! This quilt and scrapbook is going to be a treasure for Lexi! And we're so blessed with awesome people!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

John will soon be home!

This is my brother in law, John. He left for Iraq last Memorial Day. Before that he was gone well over 6 months doing training to prepare to go. He's in the National Guard's 48th Bgd. The whole family has missed him so much! So much has happened since he left.... Geoff and I started this adoption journey... Jenna has battled cancer. Mom's working on a welcome home celebration. Hurry home John, and continue to stay safe!

Long Lost Christmas Present Photo

I found this picture on my computer as I wait for the car to be fixed. It's a blanket that Sara and Chris gave us for Lexi at Christmas time. I totally forgot to post it. One of the ladies she used to work with made it. It's so gorgeous and such a sweet gift from Sara and Chris. The corner says "To Lexi with Love".

Car Update****
Okay... so the brakes aren't going to be so bad to fix... but the cd player that quit working would cost over $900 to fix. I think NOT! I guess I'm out of luck there! Just think how many outfits I could buy Lexi with that!!

Thank goodness for free wireless!

Here I am at 8:30 in the morning on my Spring Break at the Mercedes dealership getting my car serviced! All I can say is thank goodness they have wireless internet! We bought my car used last year this time for my birthday... couldn't afford a new one! However, once a car is over 4 years old, you can only expect some things to go wrong. Today it is the brake lining. Who wants this bill?? So I figured while I was here, I'd try to post some more pictures of fabric and maybe some other things that I haven't gotten to. This is from my Mom's friend Carol. I do believe we have more fabric but I'm not finding the pictures.
I snapped this photo of Mom last Saturday while she was working on the quilt. I spent the day over there just piddling around with her.
Look at this stack of little squares that are ready to be sewn! I found out that Mom is going to go to S.C. for a week this summer to get my Aunts to help her quilt the quilt. I'm going to have to go for a day or two. What a great story and family heirloom to pass on the Lexi!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I've been Tagged!

While we were away Mary "tagged" me to tell 6 weird things about me. So here goes...

1. I will not watch the Wizard of Oz because it scared me as a child. Lexi will not watch this movie if I have anything to do with it. (It's because of those awful flying monkey's!)

2. I cannot sleep unless I have at least two pillows. I've been known to ball up clothes to make a pillow when I'm short one on a trip.

3. I have reoccurring dreams about my teeth falling out.

4. I always have to follow a recipe and will not begin cooking unless the kitchen is clean.

5. No matter how well -rested I am, I will fall asleep in the car if the trip is over 15 minutes long. This happens to me as a passenger and as a driver. For this reason, I rarely drive myself distances over an hour.

6. I have chronic insomnia so when I can't sleep, I try to find an episode of "American Justice" to watch because Bill Curtis' voice is soothing to me even if the episode is not. Golf also works.
And since I'm telling all about my weirdness I made a list up of Geoff's as well.
1. He always has to have the tops on his pens.

2. When he gets a drink and he does not open it until about 15 minutes later. I find this weird because aren't you thirsty when you go to get something to drink??

3. He will not go barefoot (he always has to have on socks but will not wear flip flops or sandals).

4. He has to have his shirts hanging on hangers in a certain direction. I just like mine on the hanger!

5. He fixates on old tv series but rarely gives anything new a chance. During our life together he has watched every episode of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (he swears he doesn't remember this one), then "Saturday Night Live", then "The Pretender", then "Everybody Loves Raymond", and is currently stuck on "Walker, Texas Ranger". What will be next????

6. Geoff does not cry even when in great pain. He does the opposite and laughs! When he had appendicitis, the doctor didn't think anything was wrong because he laughed when he pressed on his stomach. The closest I've seen him to crying is when I had the miscarriage and he "teared" up.
So here's how this blog tagging works. If you have already been tag then don't worry about it! Rules of the tag: 1) List 6 weird facts about yourself and post them on your blog and in my comments section. Then tag 6 more people. 2) Leave a comment in their comments section telling them they are tagged and to go to your blog.
I'm going to tag Stephe, Shannon, Yvonne, Jenna, Sara, and Lisa.

We're Back!

If only the time we have to wait for Lexi would go as quickly as our little mini-trip did! We had a really great time! Geoff got to eat at his favorite "hot wing" restaurant (The Wild Wing Cafe'... his favorite flavor is the Wild West which is a spicy ranch and mine is the Jalepeno Cheddar.. Yum!!) and then last night we discovered a new favorite, The Oyster Factory. I had a Mahi-Mahi dish that was "out of this world" delicious! The weather was nice and it was perfect for laying out by the pool yesterday. Today it was cloudy but hey... we were leaving! I was supposed to golf with Geoff but he forgot to bring a set of clubs for me to use. I think he just totally dreaded watching me butcher the game! We did go play Putt-Putt last night and once again, I was victorious! This is such a big deal because I have never, ever, EVER won a game until last summer. Now I have two in a row! I even had two... count'em one, two!!! hole in ones! I can't claim that I am really any good but hey, I won! I told Geoff that I was going to begin saving the score cards to wall paper the study!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Yea!! We Survived another Tax Season!!

Today is the official last day of tax season for ordinary folks! Geoff is headed home early and will have the next two days off. I'm on my Spring break from school so we have 2 days together with no work responsibilities!!! Yippee!!! We've got my brother coming to dog-sit and we're heading to Hilton Head, SC. We haven't been back there since last July when we went to the adoption seminar and stayed at the Marriott on the beach on the way home. Well, Marriott must love Priceline because once again, we are headed back. Last summer was a totally emotional experience for us as we walked the beach that night and made our decision to adopt. This time we are about "half way" there to our daughter. I'm so looking forward to these couple of days with Geoff! He's worked so hard and deserves a break. And maybe he can beat me at Putt Putt this time! (Last time I beat him by one point!!)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hey! That's not Lexi!

I walked in Lexi's room the other day to take a peek and dream. This is what I found! At least we know, the mattress and bedding are comfy. I'll have to wash all of her stuff before she arrives but we aren't going to let Muffin break in the bed in the meantime.

I think it's 92 Now. . .

It's getting harder to keep up with everyone's squares. I hope I don't miss anyone. We really think we will end up with more than 100 at this point, but you can't have too many well wishes!

A "Doggie" print for Daddy's girl! This is going to be Geoff's contribution and he's already even written his wish. Way to go Daddy!

Both of these are from Lee-Anne in Australia.
This is from the Spieldenner's from Ohio.

Keeping them coming!

I called Mom last night and before I could say anything she said, "You better not be calling to tell me that you have more fabric!". She was teasing of course! But I had to follow that with... I am!!

These two piece of fabric are from Margaret Padrick from our church. She gave Mom two to choose from. I went over to Mom's today and found that the blue is the one she used.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Virginia Connection is here...

The Virginia Crew has arrived. Geoff's Mom mailed out fabric for herself and Jake, Geoff's sister, Kelley and her husband Mike, Gran Gran and Papa, and Geoff's brother Jake and his wife, Irina. The wishes should come in a few weeks when his parents and Irina come to visit.

This one is from Irina. She picked out fabric for her and Jake. Jake is currently in Iraq. She sent a second choice too, but we're going to go with her first choice.
This one is from Geoff's grandparents, Gran Gran and Papa.
This one is from Jake and Diane. I love the green and the little animals on it.

And finally, this one is from Mike and Kelley.

All of these are totally adorable. I'm sure they will fit right into the quilt. Now... I need wishes. Actually, when they come down to visit, we are going to do their pages together. If I'm correct, I think this makes 87. We very well may end up with more than 100 wishes. But then again... you can't have too many well wishes.

Keep Them Coming!!

I'm awful busy these days keeping up with squares. I don't think Mom can say she is caught up now! And just last weekend, I thought I was caught up scrapbooking the squares that I have wishes for... now my pile is so big! Many of my friends and family still owe us a wish, so I've been bugging them for that too. I guess the old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease is true!

This is from the Bellew family. I work with Tammy at school. She has two adorable little ones. Brooke helped her pick out the fabric. They even gave me so ribbon to use. I love the smiling flowers!
This fabric is from another friend at work, Letha. This fabric is just timeless! I remember Sara have a gown with this same print. Letha is one of the most kind and generous woman I've ever met.
This is from a fellow bloggers, the Crowell's from California. In my haste to get the fabric to Mom, I forgot to take a picture of the fabric with the wish. It is beautiful though. So as of now, we have 83.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Samples of the quilt....

This Quilt is going to be awesome! Check out how well my Mom is matching up squares! She has 27 completed squares. She really puts a lot of thought into every single square. She even irons each piece before she sews them and then she irons the seams down. No one has to tell me what a great Mother I have. She is truely one of a kind! I love you MOM!!

Only 20 to go!!!!

This is from another fellow teacher who wants to pinch Lexi's little cheeks as bad as I do! She also managed to choose colors that I totally love! I would love to have a skirt made out of this material. In fact, I loved it so MUCH that I called mom to tell her about it and then I made a special trip to the church to hunt her down to give it to her. This pictures can only BEGIN to show how cute it is. Her wish was especially sweet too. Thanks Stacey!!
And yet one more special friend that my beastly ways managed to convince her to just "do it!". Kellie gave me two pieces to choose from, which makes Mom especially happy because she is so meticulous about matching fabrics for the squares! She also emailed me a wish. It's friends like this that have contributed to my decision to stay at my school next year. As an Instructional Technologist, I would have to move on to work with other schools next year. So I recently made the decision to stay at my school next year as the computer teacher. You really can't compare the feelings of family that I have at my school. I'm so blessed with many supportive, good friends. Thanks Kelley!

Now.... 20 to go! Of course, we may end up with more than 100 wishes but that's okay with me! Can't have too many wishes for special little girl!
This quilt is bringing out the beast in me. I've probably been irritating my co-workers all week (Okay, so it's only Tuesday) BUT apparently it's working. These are some of the newest additions.

This beautiful rose fabric is from Geoff's Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Jackie in Virginia. I can't wait to get their wish... it will probably have a hidden message about not getting lost (inside family joke). Needless to say, I love it! It's beautiful fabric and we were thrilled to get this in the mail. Living 10 hours away, we never get enough time to see them.
This fabric is a bit different from the norm. Mrs. Banks at school gave it to me. It's from our dear friend Elisa that passed away a few weeks ago. Her family wanted the teachers at our school to "have" the things left in her room. All I wanted was some scrap of fabric if there was any. Many of us teachers use fabric for bulletin boards. I really wanted to include a page in the Lexi's book for Elisa. She was the type of person that provided a great example for others. She lived her life with passion and excitement. I will enjoy telling Lexi about her some day. She's touched so many lives and her memory will go on.
This fabric is from my next door buddy at school, Angela. She is a wonderful friend who loves babies as much as I do! She went well beyond the call of duty and gave me her fabric along with some paper to scrapbook with and a vellum "princess" header, ribbon and some little girl stickers. I hope my page for her will do justice for all of her kindness.

This fabric is from my "Harley-driving 2nd grade-teaching" friend, Jamie. He's a real cool guy and his kids just love him. I sort of twisted his arm to get this. I told you... the beast is emerging!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

We're Up to 74!!

And the squares keep coming . . .

This is from one of my neighbors and dear friend, Mrs. Dunham. I can't help but call her Mrs. Dunham because when I first met her, she was Sara's first grade teacher. (She eventually left to go teach on the military base much to my dismay.) We attend the same church and even live within a half a mile of each other. She is from China so that just gives me one more reason to feel close to her. She's a wonderful woman and I'm very happy that she is in our life.
This fabric is from my sister, Shirley. I'm the baby of the girls and she has the distinction of being the middle child. I always thought being the baby girl was the worst.... too many opportunities for them to pick on me. But, now that we are all grown... age makes no difference. I love my sisters!
This is from Leigh Ann. She is my special Mary Kay "lady" as well as a dear funny friend. We always have a blast when we have a girls weekend. And by the way, Leigh Ann is also a teacher.
This is fabric from a fellow teacher. She had to have bees because once she married she became a "Busby". Now everything is bees! She's a dear sweet friend.
!?? Is this Precious Moments" again!!??? This fabric is from my sister's "boss". It's hard to think of her as a boss because she and Carolyn are such great friends. Jennifer is also Leigh Ann's sister.... hummmm... any sisterly similarities here???? I think so! (Please... no more Precious Moments!!! It drives Mom insane because she had to cut out each square so exactly... we've got it!! Not once, twice, three times or four... We don't need anymore!) Just teasing, we appreciate any fabric we get. It is funny though how many people chose this fabric!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Wishes just keep coming...

I've got more fabric to share....

This is from the Thorntons, who are in Japan! This is our first from a different continent. How cool is that!
This one is from the Morgan's from FL.
This is from Steph from Delaware. She's in my Jan. DTC group.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Daddy's been shopping again!

Looking at this closet, you'd think a little one already lived here! It's hard not to buy some things for Lexi. We usually buy 18 to 24 months sizes, although we have a few 12 - 18 months. I really believe we will be in China during the winter so we'll have to take some warm clothes for her. Anyhow, we had $75 Gym-bucks from Gymboree that were going to expire so I turned Geoff loose on the computer. These were ALL his picks. I think he is a pretty good shopper!
I love these pj's. Geoff said he knew she would be a "pajama kind of gal" because her Mom is. Yes, I just LOVE pajamas!
This is a little turtle sweater and matching skirt. Geoff actually already had the sweater and matching jeans that he bought from the clearance rack. They had the remaining items on sale too.

More jeans with a white shirt and matching hair bow.
This set coordinates with each other and has the cutest little ice cream cones on it. And of course the matching socks! You can never have too many socks!
And MORE pajamas!!

And still more pajamas. Geoff loved the Giraffe on these.

A few weeks ago I had the not so bright idea of lining her drawers with scented paper. The paper was adorable with little roses on it. Well, not until I put the paper in the drawer did I realize that it wasn't such a great idea. I'm very sensitive to different fragrances. Before I was finished I was sneezing. Then it dawned on me that the scent would get into Lexi's clothes if I put them in her drawer and that very possibly she may react the same. So I can't put anything in the drawers until the scent goes away.... or until I change it out with something more practical like cute patterned gift wrap. What on earth was I thinking!!! I don't even have my drawers lined!