Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poor Rusty!


Aug 295

Practically every day as soon as we get home Lexi and I let Sable out and then pittle for a bit in the back yard watering plants and playing.  Well, sadly her planting spot is disintegrating slow.  In the far left corner you can see where every day a little more of the bottom falls through.  We had just recently planted some milkweed in it but we’ll be lucky if the whole bottom doesn’t collapse one day soon.  I need a new container for her to use next Spring. 

When we were outside today I couldn’t help but see how pretty her hair was falling around her face.  I told her how pretty she was and asked if I could take a picture of her outside.  She told me yes, but then when I got the camera she refused to smile.  I hate it when she does that because she comes across being so sad.  She is usually a very happy girl!

Aug 297

After we came inside, I began dinner.  I wanted to have it ready early because she has not been eating well and I planned to refuse giving her juice or milk or any snacks until dinner.  I did give her water and she was fine with that because I gave her a small bottle of water.  While dinner was finishing cooking, we did some reading and playing and when dinner was done … this was the end result!

Aug 300


Aug 303

Aug 305

I’m SURE this was the most she has eaten at one sitting all week!  She still mostly only ate rice with gravy but at least she ate.  Then she drank some milk.  Of course, she still refused to crack a smile!  Next we are off for an early bath and some more reading and play.  I may just need to get us into this routine every day. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fake Vs. Real

Aug 288

Fake Smile

Aug 291

Real Smile… don’t know about you but I like the real ones the best!

(And YES, we both think her Dad is Totally Awesome!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hard keeping Up These Days…

Last Thursday Lexi and I went to Brittney’s first ball game.  Lexi loves her Brittney!

Aug 243

Aug 238

She’s got an arm on her too! Watch out Brittney!

Then on Thursday, Brennen and Lexi had a sleep-over.  Let’s just say it’s never boring with both of them around.

Aug 250

Yep… this kitchen center IS inside.  Yea…. gotta love SAND!  I think their mission in life right now is to move sand from outside to inside!

Aug 251

And of course destroy the house… both inside and . . . 

Aug 257


Aug 253

And of course the trains always make it into the mix.

Aug 276

And some hide and seek.  (They only hid here in my closet EVERY SINGLE TIME!!)

Aug 277

Brennen, bless his heart has a penchant for dressing quirky just like Lexi. 

Aug 261

Aug 271 

And Lexi is so happy when he comes to visit!

Aug 278

The weekend came and went too fast.  Yesterday we began another week.  Lexi was her usual self when we got home and actually tolerated me taking a few pictures. 

Aug 279

But of course, she had to add a little – monkey poses to follow.  Last night after we got home, I practiced some flash cards with her and she did very well.  Her attention span amazes me … THAT IS … until her DADDY comes home.  Then it’s like 2 seconds long.  When it was just me and her, she did so well.  But when I tried to get her to “show off” for her Daddy suddenly all the flash cards were “cookies”. The only word she read was “teeth” (go figure!).

She picked out a book for me to read to her.  Her favorite for last night was “I love You Like Crazy Cakes”. 

Aug 286

When I picked Lexi up today from Mom’s I got a big surprise.  Mom told me that instead of trying to put Lexi in dance lessons this year that we should consider putting her in preschool 3 days a week because she loves it so much.  We were thinking we would do this after Christmas but we agree that since she loves it so much and looks forward to it so much that we should go ahead and go for 3 days.  She is learning a lot and is really doing so well.  So probably by next week, we will be at 3 days a week. 

Her upcoming big thing is Labor Day weekend.  She is going to have her first long weekend with Grandma and Ye Ye at their South Carolina house while we go away for a weekend with Carolyn and John in FL.  When they were visiting a few weeks ago, we decided that Lexi (or is it US) are ready to let her visit without us. We’ll have to see how that goes!  LOL!  I am thinking at this point we may have to make a list of “no-no’s” for Ye Ye but we are very comfortable that Grandma will make them both behave!  :-)  We’ll just have to see if we can make it through a long weekend without our precious Lj.  And … will she make it without US?  I know in the end all will enjoy the weekend even if we all experience some withdrawals. 

And at least we know Ye Ye can pick out dresses…

Aug 041

 And Grandma can fix her hair!

Aug 045

And little Lj better behave!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Aug 191

Every day is a new adventure.  When we got home this afternoon, Lexi added her headband, book bag, and then blankie.

Aug 192

When I tried to take pictures, she did her usual avoidance of the camera.

Aug 193

After being coaxed by Daddy, this was the best I could do.  She sure is one quirky girl!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FB Made my day….

I know this is not proper…. but I had to cut and paste from a conversation on Facebook from my friend and Lexi’s assistant teacher…
Miss L: 
Aww Lexi she is adorable!! Very intelligent and very well behaved! She is my shadow during the day. I love it in there!
Mrs. S. L.
Wanda will love to hear she is well behaved.... She dresses her so cute, I could just eat her up!
Miss L:
Very good, I never have to ask her to do anything twice!!
Our child makes and breaks my day!  I’m only being honest.  I know she is adorable, sweet and irresistible!   But mornings like this morning when she is asserting her Terrible Twos and in the end makes me late for work I just want to scream!  This morning it was kiss daddy…. no kiss daddy…. want blankie…. no blankie…. want blankie…. and then no kiss Mommy to kiss mommy.  It’s time in OUR house to show the two and a half year old who pays the bills, and is in charge. 
She does still love school and is a happy girl but we have some work to do to establish who is in control and unless she begins to earn a sizable paycheck soon…. she is low on the totem pole.  However, this Mommy and Daddy are very happy that our girl is so good at school!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I love Being a Mom!

Lexi brings so much joy to our life!  I never knew how much I missed having a little girl (Sara DID just have to grow up!) until we finally got her.  Well, today was her second day of preschool.  I met Mom up there to show her around and go through the drop off routine.  Of course I had to snap a few pictures! 

I was very proud of Lexi because she was one of the few not crying when we left.  She LOVES school! 

Aug 139

Aug 140

Aug 142

Aug 141

Oh and I loved seeing her paper from the other day hanging up.  I guess this is the one she was telling us about when she used markers and stickers!  I wish I could take her every day!! 

On the way in I spotted Jade.  He’s  in the 3 year old class and is the son of two of our teachers at my school.  This child is the brightest 3 year old I’ve even seen.  On his first day in the 3 year old class he learned to count to ten in Spanish!  The things he does just amazes me! He’s also the first boy that kisses Lexi on the lips!  He kissed her at the library last summer.  I think he and Lexi would make quite the pair!  I snapped a photo of him too… wearing his rain boots!  Now doesn’t that sound just like something Lexi would do?  It’s probably only a matter of time before she wears hers and who knows it may also have a tutu with it! 

Aug 136

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pure Determination …

That is what my blogging is this week!  Pure Determination!  I really do not favor this time of year when I return to work and the pace is just sooooo unforgiving! I feel like a hamster in an exercise wheel just barely keeping up with everything that I have to do! What keeps me going?  Documenting Lexi’s first week of preschool!

One thing I really am enjoying is that we are getting back into a routine.  Home, snack, play, dinner, bath, read, and then bed.  Sometimes watching some educational tv comes in there too. Tonight after Lexi’s bath, we went to the big book shelf and picked out some different books to read.  None were new to us but it’s been awhile.  Her favorite tonight was “I Love You Like Crazy Cakes!”.  After we were finished we counted the books… EIGHT!  I just love that she loves to read!  (Although I have to admit I cheated my way through the “Bob the Builder” book that is hiding in the picture. It’s NOT one of my favorites… it may have to “get lost”. 

Aug 133

Tomorrow Lexi is set for DAY TWO of preschool.  She has another new dress that her Aunt Carolyn bought her at “Cutie Patootie” in Brunswick. It’s really two dresses in one because it is reversible.  I bought her some really cute brown and pink polka dot shoes that will match it.  I promise NOT to dress her only in dresses for school…. just this week!  These pictures don’t do the dress justice… and I promise the shoes do match in person!

Aug 122

Aug 123 

She is growing up so fast!  On the way home, she began to yell at me “Mom STOP! Red means STOP!”  I had not even gotten to the light yet!

I’ve packed her lunch in hopes of her eating more… this time it will be a hotdog cut up, mozzarella cheese stick, goldfish crackers, applesauce, mini banana and juice.  Let’s HOPE she will eat more than one bite tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lexi Goes to “Skool”!

Today was THE day!  Lexi was so excited!  Her Daddy got her ready and then I met them at the school.  That was a great idea considering it took us both to bring in her and all the supplies! 

Aug 081

Aug 084

Daddy carries the hard stuff while Mommy plays photographer and lunch bag carrier! 

Aug 085

Look!  Her very own cubbie!  Which we filled to over flowing once we put all her stuff inside! 

Aug 087

A very proud Daddy and a very happy girl! 

Aug 089

A very proud Mommy and a beautiful little Lexi! 

Aug 092

Lexi’s first name tag!

Aug 102

 The playground…

Lexi was awesome!  We walked her in and she found her seat and sat down.  Geoff signed her in and quietly backed away.  When I started to leave, she began to climb me so her teacher’s assistant took over and distracted her with the cooking center. As we walked out of the building I couldn’t help but tear up.  I know… I’m a sap!

Aug 110

When I picked Lexi up at 1:00 she was so happy to see me!  Her teacher’s assistant told me that she had been a really good girl and had a really good day. I was a very proud Mommy!  I tried to take a few pictures on the way out but we didn’t get much. I snapped this one of her trying to carry her lunch bag.  It was still full so it was too heavy.  Miss Leslie told me that I was right yesterday and that Lexi did not eat her lunch like I predicted.

Aug 114 As we were walking to the car, she turned around and told me that she wanted to go back and play with the boys and girls!

Aug 119

Once in the car, she immediately wanted juice so I grabbed her thermos of milk and gave it to her.  I was surprised that she didn’t go to sleep on the way home.  I guess she was too hungry!

I had a hair appointment after work so I left her with mom.  Once I got back Aunt Carolyn came over to Mom’s and began to ask Lexi about her day.  Amazingly she told everyone that she colored with markers and paper, played with boys and girls, went swinging on the playground, and read books.  She also told us that her teacher was Miss Leslie (which amazingly sounds like Lexi coming from her).  She was one wild child at Mom’s!  The nap must have given her tons of energy! 

Once we got home and got some dinner, Lexi was able to get on Skype with Grandma and Yeh Yeh.  She told them all about school too.  Let’s just say we think that the first day of “skool” was a HUGE success!

Monday, August 09, 2010

T’was the night before preschool…

The lunch bag and backpack is packed…

Aug 072

Her new outfit (complete with monogrammed bow) for the first day is ready …

Aug 073 

And the Lj is playing with puzzles after meeting her teacher.

Aug 078 

We went to Open House this afternoon and met the teacher and her assistant.  We saw the classroom and her little spot for her stuff and even met some other kids and their moms.  Afterwards we headed to WalMart to buy lunch stuff and supplies for the classroom.  $63.00 later we had plenty.  Packing a healthy lunch is a challenge when you have a  picky eater.  We are on the look-out for a toddler sized insulated container to put warm food in.  I’m actually afraid that she will not eat a thing at preschool.  Hopefully she will at least drink her milk!

Geoff and I have arranged to be the ones to drop her off in the morning so we will have pictures tomorrow.  I’ve also arranged to pick her up tomorrow so I can see first hand how her day went.  After tomorrow, Mom will be the one bringing her and picking her up.  It’s very hard to believe that our little girl is going to preschool… even if if is only two half days a week!  We are excited for her!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Who loves her Daddy?

Aug 005

Aug 015

Aug 004

Come on Dad, let’s to to WalMart”.