Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are You Chinese?

I’ve said many times lately to friends that I thought Lexi was confused.  She likes Mexican food better than Chinese food and prefers Dora to Ni Hao Kai Lan.  I still make this post in jest because Lexi just knows she is Lexi.  She is not old enough to understand her heritage.  She sees the world as Lexi’s World and that’s okay with us. Well, today Mom and Dad had to go into Savannah for an appointment.  They ended up eating lunch at a Japanese Restaurant where one of the men working there TOLD Mom… “she IS Chinese”. Mom said, “yes” and he continued and asked her where she was from.  Mom got a kick out of it.  So tonight at dinner as we tried to make conversation with Lexi, I told Geoff the story and then we asked Lexi if she was Chinese.  We both about lost our laughter when she promptly said “NO!” and then covered her ears!  I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures.  Of course she has no idea what she is really saying and we in no way will ever bring her up to not appreciate her Chinese heritage but tonight in this setting, it was so cute and funny. I am so thankful that Geoff and I waited the wait for our dear Lexi.  She is a Chinese beauty and has made our family whole.  What a blessing she is for us!

April Lj 016


April Lj 003

April Lj 004

April Lj 007

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who’s Walking Who??

April Lj 237

It’s been nice having Daddy home at a decent hour this week.  He’s even had time to do some stuff in the yard.  Today while he was putting down some Weed and Feed, Lexi took Sable for a walk on the leash for the first time.  Honestly, I think they were both confused! 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend In Review

Best laid plans make for …. whatever!  We did however had a really nice weekend.  Friday we were finally on our way by noon-ish!  Lj slept all the way to the Jacksonville Zoo (mommy almost as much!).  We got to the zoo and began our family fun.  We were doing pretty well until we took LJ on the TRAIN!  The train has two stops and once we got off, she SCREAMED bloody murder when we got off complete with big TEARS and swinging, kicking LEGS!  We finally distracted her enough to enjoy the animals on that side of the zoo. We learned that strollers are for easy going lazy complaint children (of which we do not have!).  After the second ride on the train with MUCH warning and preparation that we must eventually get OFF, we had better luck getting her off.  We headed out and stopped at the gift shop and bought her some plastic animals as a souvenir.  We headed to our hotel near Jacksonville Beach and checked in and then headed off again to explore the beach area and find a dinner spot.

We ended up at Carrabbas.  Lexi did well for the first 20 minutes or so and then … ugh!  Terrible Two Syndrome set in!  She certainly wanted to let EVERYONE in the restaurant know who was the boss.  She was just plain B-A-D. Slinging her menu on the floor, crayons following… then screaming at the top of her lungs.  I took her to the restroom in an attempt to redirect her.  IT was short lived.  She literally ate NONE of her $6 dinner but tortured us both the entire time.  Finally, I had enough and took her to the car and like it or not readers of our blog… I spanked her little tiny hiney and told her she was not going to act that way in public.  I put her in her car seat where she cried only because ONE of my 3 spanks hit her bare leg.  She was so rattled that within a minute or so she was again “yelling” at me for putting my hand on her Daddy’s seat… I just about lost it when I reeled around and told her that SHE was not in CONTROL of me and that I WOULD put my HAND anywhere I wanted.  Finally, the little out of control peanut got a temporary message.

After leaving the restaurant we headed down to the Jacksonville beach.  I tried to get some good photos of Lj wearing her cute little new dress that Aunt Carolyn had made for her.  It was adorable!  We didn’t last long on the beach though because for some reason it seemed to be not the best time to be on the beach and made us a bit uncomfortable with all of the people that were there… let’s just say, it was not family friendly.  So we headed back to the hotel even though Lexi had yet another melt down not wanting to leave the beach. 

We managed to get her to bed in the hotel without too much more drama.  All of us slept well and Geoff and Lj got up and let me try to sleep a little more while they watched some tv.  We decided to not got to the beach before coming home given our reaction to it the night before.  Instead we went to the Old Navy on the way out looking for the pink version of Lexi’s new summer shoes. We found them and then headed home. 

Once home we just chilled out.  I cooked shrimp scampi with linguine and we played at the home with Lexi.  One thing that has surfaced is that Lj is completely aware that Daddy is not working the tax season schedule.  She is trying to milk it as if he is going away.  Today was extra hard as she was so demanding of him.  Sticking to him like super-glue and crying all kinds of fake tears when he is not giving her 100% attention.  It’s been hard on all of us.  We’ve got to get this little monster under control.  The thing we DO realize is that she is TWO and acting very much like a two year old.  She has to be taught our expectations even if she disagrees because in the end we are preparing her for the adult she will be.  It’s soooooo easy to cave in and give her what her two year old brain desires but in the end it’s so much more important to teach her life lessons and show her the correct way.

This LONG post is not say that we didn’t totally ENJOY our daughter and family time together this weekend.  Just a realization that we are doing exactly what we feel is necessary to bring up a truly well-adjusted young woman.  It’s hard to think of her as a young woman at the age of two but it all begins now. 

She has managed to melt our heart many times over the weekend.  So… here are some cute pictures to show it.  As we learn and grow… we all do it together.  A family… just as we always dreamed and no matter what neither of us would trade it for even a second of peace.  We are blessed. 


April Lj 072

April Lj 118

April Lj 149

April Lj 191

April Lj 197

Look at those “hams”!  This just reminds me of a funny part of today.  We dressed her in a new Baby Gap shirt with a shirt underneath and her Bermuda shorts from Old Navy that she had last summer.  The fit her waist still and looked fine until during our Zoo visit, they disappeared.  Once I noticed she didn’t appear to have on shorts anymore I decided to investigate only to find that her shorts legs were “stuck” on those fat little thighs!  I had to pry them down!  Now fat thighs and Lexi were two words we NEVER saw coming!  Our little peanut has filled out all over but especially in those thighs! She has a little gymnastics body!  And those little bloomers her Aunt Carolyn bought her… fit her personality at dinner… CRABBY with a smile!    

April Lj 202

Making up for lost time with Daddy… Lexi being a Monkey on his shoulder!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Post Tax Season Relief!

April Lj 056

For some reason, Daddy seems more pleased than Lj!  But still… too, too cute!  Mommy is looking forward to more moments like THIS!

Puddle Jumping or Puddle Making??

I can’t do ANYTHING anymore without HELP from Lexi.  Yesterday some of my plants needed watering and of course, I couldn’t do it alone!  After the plants were watered she got a little carried away.  (And this just leads me to think of the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” …. where would we end up??)  We ended up getting out her rain boots for her jump in the puddles.  Let me just say, Little Miss Lj was in heaven!  There will be no worries here that my girl will love dirt, flowers, and critters as much as I do. The only problem is that I’m slowly losing ALL my space for plants!  I’m not sure where I will manage to put all my milkweed this summer! But I do know ONE thing!  I’ll have someone to help me water them!


April Lj 037

 April Lj 036

April Lj 038

Ummm…. does Sable need watering??  And how much more will our water bill go up this summer??  I’ll be taking donations to help pay the bill!  LOL!

Monday, April 12, 2010

First Day Back From Spring Break…

STINKS!  I missed my Lj and wanted no more than being on Summer vacation!  So sad!  The best part of the day was going to pick up Lexi and heading home.  And then followed by Daddy coming home. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Brag Book

Once again, cheating using Brag Book Quick Pages from Just so Scrappy.  (All Grandparents … prints are being shipped directly to you.)

page 1 mine copy

page 2 mine 1 copy

page 3 copy

page 4mine

page 5 copy

page 6 copy

page 7 copy

page 8 copy

page 9 mine

page 10 mine copy

Playing With Easter Pictures

It’s hard when you have almost 300 pictures for one weekend.  I decided to rely on some Quick Pages from Just So Scrappy to help me get some pictures posted. Our Easter was a lot of fun this year!  Lexi and I made the Sunflower cake out of Peeps again this year.  Then the Saturday before Easter, Geoff’s parents came to visit and went with us to an Easter Egg Hunt.  Lexi had a blast!  Later on that day, I had my family join us for an Easter Dinner and an Egg Hunt for the kids. Lexi was really into the egg hunting by then! Before bed that night, she put out carrots for the Easter Bunny and low and behold he brought her a basket of goodies!  Lexi went to church for the first time with all 4 Grandparents.  Grandma S. smocked her a dress with cute little bunnies on it and Aunt Carolyn made her a bow to match.  She was a precious sight. Lexi is very, very loved! I’m sure I’ll be posting more details and more photos as I find time. 

SD_CottonTail_FreebieQP2_Lella mine copy

SD_CottonTail_FreebieQP_Lella copy

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Peanuts with Papa

Yesterday, Lexi and I went to visit Nana and Papa.  She had not seen them since Sunday.  While I was there I got “let in” on a little secret.  Guess what’s going on in the swing in the backyard??

April Lj 809

Peanuts!  This is just one of the special little things Daddy does with Lexi.  They spend a lot of time swinging back there and Daddy keeps a jar of peanuts in the shop and they share them on the swing.

April Lj 806

Lexi was very happy to get to see Nana and Papa.  I think she will be glad to go back next week especially since the weather is good and she and Daddy can go for walks and then she can help them in the yard. 

April Lj 779

April Lj 802

Friday, April 09, 2010

Last Day of Spring Break

Where did the last week go?  How can it be that today was the last day of Spring Break?  Honestly, I think routine is great but still I look forward to 2 months of summer vacation!  We have 5 weeks of  school to go! 

I totally enjoyed my last day of SB with Lexi.  We got a slow start mostly because of me.  Lexi is always ON!  This afternoon was so much fun.  I took advantage of the day alone with her and decided to try to make up for the lack of Easter photos.  I bathed and dressed her in her Easter Dress and began a photo shoot.  She did so well!  She even took my suggestions of posing certain ways!  (Am I finally getting a poser!??) We took pictures of her in the front of the house and on the side, in the backyard, and then inside.  I got some really cute pictures!  Afterwards, I redressed her and we headed out back for swinging.  We ended up at Mom and Dad’s and then Wal Mart.  Finally, back at home and began planting some flowers we bought at Wally World.  The messy girl arrived and we were in pure planting dirt messiness when Daddy came home!  She was eager to show her Daddy her new plants. It was fun tonight to watch her play with her Daddy and enjoy some really great Daddy/Daughter time together. 

We are counting down to April 15th…

As far as the 100+ pictures I have of today… I’ll try to get them posted to the Shutterfly site soon!  It may take awhile with our Internet speed!

Conversations with a 2 year old…


Lexi:  Mommy!!  Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!  Get UP!

Mommy:  I’m coming…. I’m coming!!

Later in the morning:  (Mommy is talking on the phone with Nana and Lexi is watching PBS “Super Why?”

TV: What letter makes the sound “a”.

Lexi: A

Mommy (to Nana): I didn’t know she knew letter sounds! Holy Cow!  She is learning something from TV!

Afternoon: (in the middle of swinging Lexi this afternoon.)

Mommy: Lexi, want to go see Nana and Papa?

Lexi:  No Thank you.

Mommy:  Are you sure?  We can swing more later.

Lexi:  No Thank you.  I swinging.

Mommy: You sure you don’t want to go see Papa? 

Lexi: Papa, Nana, and Ra-cherd.

Mommy:  Yes!  Papa, Nana and Richard!  Want to go visit?

Lexi:  No thank you, I swinging. 

Mommy:  Mommy is going to get her keys and we can go for a ride to Papa’s.

Lexi:  Okay!  Come on!!

There is never a dull moment around here!


Favorite Friday Foto

April Lj 694

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mission Impossible

Mission:  Clean the Great room and kitchen floors

Now here it is 7:45 and finally accomplished!  I guess I should clarify that I began about 9:30 am. Parenthood really changes you.  I used to be a borderline neat-freak.  Not so much anymore although I can never say I’m free of those little “impulses” to clean and straighten.  Today I was planning to go with Sara, Lexi and the grandsons to a “jumpy” place in Savannah but I was just too tired!  Why?  Why? I’m on Spring Break.  Why am I so tired?  My first answer is “HIGH FIVE” to all SAHM’s!  And add to that, I’ve been pretty much a SINGLE SAHM all week!  Geoff has not seen Lexi since lunch on Tuesday.  That seems like a long time to me!

Sara did bring over the boys and I ended up babysitting Brennen while she took CE to the doctor with a fever that he has had for 3 days.  I guess that’s why my accomplishment of getting clean floors is even MORE impressive!  I had to do it in stages… one section at a time.  Finally with the help of “Caillou” I DID IT!

Here’s floor enemy #1 …. (and honestly I mean this in a totally humorous way!)

April Lj 509

And floor enemy #2 …

April Lj 678

And Mission Accomplished! 

April Lj 676

Now back to last night’s wish to post about Easter… Mission NOT Accomplished!  April 15th has never been THIS anticipated!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring Break Busyness

I hate it when I get behind in blogging.  The weekend was super busy with Easter plans and Grandma and Grandpa S. visiting.  I will blog with pictures hopefully tomorrow.  Just downloading them took forever! 

Lexi and I were going to take a road trip this week but I decided not to go after all for many reasons. I needed to let her settle back into a routine after the busy weekend and get her sleeping normally again.  I’ve been taking pictures but not taking time to blog because Geoff is working late hours and it’s pretty much been me and Lj doing mostly whatever she wants.  So here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to…

Monday:  watering plants and swinging for what seems forever!

April Lj 610

Tuesday: After a really slow start due to Lexi not sleeping well, we got going and decided to join Daddy for lunch since he was going to be working late.Of course I love dressing her up to go see her Daddy at the office.

April Lj 616 

Look at this happy little Daddy’s girl.

April Lj 624

After we got home, we went out and played until almost dark.  The picture below is my lame attempt to bribe Lexi to smile right at the camera in return for a long swing… needless to say, she did say “cheese” for me but wouldn’t look.

April Lj 632

This swinging is serious business!

April Lj 638


Wednesday (today) … We had another lunch date and this time went to have lunch with Aunt Carolyn.  Lexi charmed all the people working around Carolyn and then everyone else she came in contact with. Afterwards, I decided to take her for a little playtime at St. Simons Beach.  It was windy but nice.  We didn’t have swim suits but I did have play toys.  We just hung out for a little over an hour and then headed out. I couldn’t believe how crowded the beach was.  I guess lots of people are on Spring Break.

April Lj 658 April Lj 671 April Lj 672

April Lj 659 April Lj 664

As many times as I’ve been to the beach in my life, I’ve never seen the amount of those tiny little shells that we saw today.  They were everywhere!  These pictures are of the tiny shells not sand!  It was pretty incredible!  I loved the smell of the beach today, the clean sunlight, breeze and even the smell of sunscreen.  I can’t wait until we go on vacation in June! 

Who knows what tomorrow will bring as we try to stay busy while Daddy works hard to finish tax season.  Whatever it is, there will be pictures!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Unexpected Tears


A snippet from our final Home Study document:

“Lexi celebrated her 2nd birthday with a party at her home with all of her family. She has been fortunate to have her immediate family close by and has frequent contact. Recently, the Smiths traveled to Orlando, Florida to reunite with their adoptive support group. Lexi was able to spend time with other children that were adopted from China. The Smiths receive a great deal of love, support and education from this tight knit group.

From this worker’s assessment, this placement has been very successful. The family has adapted and bonded even closer since this worker’s last visit. The Smiths have created a very loving and nurturing home environment for Lexi. The entire family has made this transition with grace and has maintained a wonderful support system. This worker recommends the continued placement of Lexi in the Smith’s home.”


I never expected reading the final document would bring tears to my eyes and such joy in my heart. It brings me much happiness not only to have Lexi Jayne in our life but also that we have the love and support of our family and friends.  We are so blessed. 

Just in time for Spring Break!

April Lj It started last night about bedtime.  I guess I spent too much time on the porch surrounded by the trees putting out enormous amounts of pollen this year.  I went to bed feeling like my head was going to explode with my sock of heated rice on my forehead.  Finally had to get nose drops (of which I was totally non-addicted finally after over a month of using saline drops).  I thought the saline drops were making me invincible!  How silly of me to announce to several people this week how much they were helping ward off my usual spring allergies.  I hadn’t even been taking my twice daily allergy meds because I as doing so well.  And now here I am the last day of school before a week off with my “allergy staples” (minus the sock of rice).  Nice.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool! That’s ME!

Who knew???? 

April Lj 001

Lexi could turn that little lock….

April Lj 003

and lock ME out of the house!  Thankfully, I had my cell phone outside and never had to leave her sight!  We were doing our usual afternoon play outside and Lexi decided to go inside.  I told her that I would be right behind her.  Well… I was but by then she had locked the door and shut it.  No amount of coaching could get her to twist the lock again!!  However, she was very kind and kept shouting “Come on in!!”.  She made herself comfy and turned on the TV, got her blanket and settled down by the door.  I on the other hand couldn’t do a thing but wait for Nana to come and save the day with the keys to the front door!  Now don’t I feel like an A1 April Fool!  LOL! 

P.S. This photo is a reenactment.  Believe it or not I didn’t have the camera with me!  And those scratches on the door are from Sable who is always scratching to go in… well, Sable very smartly was INSIDE with Lexi! 

P.S.S. A key will be hidden outside very soon! 

Project 365 ~ March



WW_SSP3_1-7b mine copy

WW_SSP3_8-14amine copy

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