Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Geoff!

Today is Geoff's birthday!! Happy Birthday Geoffrey!! I hope it's been a nice one! I don't remember if I realized last year that Geoff's birthday falls on a montly "anniversary" of how long we have been LID for Lexi. Officially, we have been waiting for 17 months now. (The sad part is I think we'll more than likely still be waiting this time next year!) Well, one thing that was extra special today about Geoff's birthday was that for the first time, he got a "Grandpa" birthday card from Brennen... and to top it off, he got to spend the afternoon wallowing in "grandpahood". This was much more fun than the plans I had for him. I was going go to the Y with him and make him do the workout that I did yesterday...hee, hee!! I think he liked what he got much better! Sara was here with the baby all afternoon and SAVED him from my torture!! This post could be long because I snapped pictures all day! I just love watching him with the baby! He's so comfortable with him and will do anything... EXCEPT change his diapers (dirty or not)!!

This is Geoff playing with the baby on his little play mat. Notice how jealous Sable is!! She does hang close by though to make sure the baby doesn't have a poopy diaper! She can sniff them out really well!!

Patches on the other hand, sits away from the baby and sulks! This is amazing because she the annoying dog that has to be touching someone all the time and loves to lick us. When the baby is here, she stays away from everyone! I think she is very jealous!!

Notice the shirt!!! It was sent to me by Sheryl, one of the sweet ladies that I met in Philly last fall. I had it handy for the first time Brennen needed a changing while he was here. It was so thoughtful of her to think of me and send this to me!!

Look... more playtime with Papa!! Not sure who Brennen is more interested in ... Papa or Mr. Froggie!

After awhile Brennen had had enough of playing and wanted to be rocked to sleep... not a problem!!! Papa is good at that too!!

Look at that face!!! WE BOTH are so in love with this little fellow!!

Uh-oh!!! Two little nappers!! We both can't figure out why this little guy makes us both want to nap every time he is around us! By the way, I had to work hard to get this picture!! Geoff kept waking up every time I turned on the camera!

This picture needs no explanation!! We love this little guy and he is sure to love his Grandpa!!!

Happy Birthday, Hubby! I love you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today is a big day for me... I have an appointment with a girl I work with that is an exercise guru at the YMCA. She is going to show me how to pump up my workout. All summer I have been blogging less, obsessing over the wait a LOT less, checking my Yahoo Groups and reading other blogs less (and almost never go to the RQ site anymore), and trying to get myself in better shape. I began by walking practically every day and about 3 weeks ago decided it was time to use my gym membership. I've been trying to work out at the Y but didn't exactly know what is best for me. So I asked her to help me. She has plans to show me how to use the treadmill along with weights and who knows what else to get a total body workout in an hour that is centered around the treadmill. I'll probably be dying about 2:45 today!! :) I'm down 19 pounds since mid-April. This seems slow to me since we are doing Weight Watchers but I keep reminding myself that I feel better, look better and am progressing in the right direction for the first time in 5 years. I gained like 40 pounds in the aftermath of my miscarriage and failed IVF attempts. I've never been heavy and I've just hated it.

So what got me back here motivated???? Something snapped in me over Spring Break this year. I decided that it was time to live for NOW... not for "when the adoption finally happens". I went to the doctor and told him I was ready to loose some medications and stopped taking Ambien to help me sleep. I've taken one step at a time. After I got my sleeping patterns back to normal (using an alarm clock that plays wind chimes... now I need wind chimes to sleep but hey, that's better than Ambien), I started Weight Watchers and when summer vaction time hit, I was out walking early the very first day. The thing I've discovered is that I enjoy doing something active every day. I used to be a gym-rat and worked out at least 4 - 5 times a week. That was pre-Geoff. He wasn't much into working out and eventually I let it go... and then let me go in the process.

Now I'm working on getting him in shape with me. He's doing WW too and now is going to the Y too... We both are making progress and when it is time to climb that Great Wall of China... who knows we may can sprint up it!! We'll certainly be in better condition to chase our little Lexi around!

P.S. and guess what I'm about to go do???? Clean out my closet and make piles of clothes that are too big!!! YES!!!

Brennen's big 21 days old DAY.

Sara brought Brennen over yesterday... can I just say that I know if I will ever get used to wonderful feeling of when MY GRANDSON comes to visit GRANDMA!! I just love it!! Well, yesterday he was 21 days old. I was talking to the little guy about how his Mom had rolled over the first time when she was 19 days old and that if he kept up being such an active little thing, he would be rolling over soon. It was around lunch time so Geoff was home. I put him down on a blanket on the floor and left him with Geoff. When I came back around the corner, he had both shoulders off the floor with his head popped up like a turtle. That alone was amazing. This little guy has a very strong neck already (just like Sara did!) Well, Geoff left the room a few minutes later and the little stinker ROLLED over for me and Sara!!! It was so funny!! When Sara got him home, he later rolled over for his DADDY 3 more times (so it wasn't a fluke...and his Daddy didn't feel left out!!)

Can anyone tell, I'm a very proud Grandma!!! I love this little guy so much!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Well, he finally did it! Geoff has been talking about getting a tattoo for over a year now that would commemorate the whole adoption experience. He researched Chinese symbols and learned that the dragon is a symbol for family protection, power, and wealth. He wanted to include Lexi's name written in Chinese also. Well, about 3 weeks ago we went to a place in Savannah called Skin Arte and told them what were were thinking about. We liked the Yin-Yang symbol as well. The artist did a great job incorporating the two symbols. He also added Lexi's name in the sketch but we decided to wait on that part until we actually have Lexi in our arms. (Didn't want to jinx it!) This is Geoff's first tattoo. Those who know him are shocked that he wanted one. It doesn't shock me though. I like that he has a reason for wanting it and to me shows how deeply he feels about our impending adoption of Lexi. He did get it on his shoulder so that he can cover it up at work. After all, some people don't agree with tattoos and he is in a client based career. He did exactly like I knew he would and got the tattoo without out some much of a wince... just laid there like he was about to go to sleep. When the man finished it, he told Geoff that he had "competition skin" and that he would take him to a competition in a heart beat. I guess the fact that he is not a sun worshiper helps. I told him he should have told the guy, just let me know when you need a canvas... tattoo for free! He plans to add "wind bars" around the dragon at some point to give the dragon more definition but for now, we're happy with these results.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Brennen Slide Show

More Brennen

I went with Sara and the baby to a checkup appointment last Friday. When we got home Sara fed the little guy, changed him and then he was ready to play. I took all kinds of pictures of him! He even slept in Lexi's crib for the first time. I can't wait for him to get a little bigger so I can really play with him! He's just amazing! We've waited for this little guy a long time and it was so worth it!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Brennen's Home!

These are just a few random pictures from the last two days. Yesterday afternoon Brennen had to go under the billy-light because he is jaundiced. They came home today but he still has to stay under the light. It's so hard! Poor Sara cried yesterday because he was crying wanting his Mommy. They are doing better today though and I just left their house helping to get them settled in. Hopefully, they are catching a nap now.

I've always known that Sara would be a great little Mommy but it is just so cool watching her evolve!! I have to brag about my son-in-law too... Chris has been awesome! He was a wonderful coach for her during the labor and delivery and has just impressed me every day with how well he is doing as a new father. I love these two so much! ... oh, make that I love these 3 so much!!! Grandmotherhood (*LOL!) is awesome!!!!!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Brennen!!

He's here and he's beautiful! 7lbs. 7 oz., 21 inches long, lots of black hair and precious!!!! Born at 1:38 (little over 5 1/2 hour labor... she does take after her mom after all!!)

Now to the really important part... Introducing our new grandson...

Brennen Matthew Liddic