Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snack Day!

Lexi was in "charge" of snacks today so last night we made Snowmen Bagels with Cream Cheese.  Of course it was a deviation from my usual un-healthy snack but it was fun and apparently very well accepted.

And just look who has the "Smith" sense of humor?  Yea...

I could spark a very heated nurture or nature syndrome!!  I think the last time I saw a photo like this was courtesy of Geoff with a pair of chopsticks in Las Vegas!

Thinking of Someone Very Special...

You KNOW you have a GREAT Dad when...

he holds your hand just because...

he kisses your boo-boos and give you bandaids (even when you don't really need one)...

he lets you jump and tumble all over him ...

and he gets up at 12:30 am because you lost your blankie in your bed full of stuffed animals... and then he rocks you back to sleep.

(I just had to post this story and while I was at it, I decided to add a few more photos that Melissa took last Sunday at our family photo shoot with Sara, Chris, and the boys.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Angel Antics

Gosh the holiday season is keeping us busy!  I have been doing my best to post but it just keeps getting harder and harder. I really want to keep track of Angel’s activities so I’ll most likely be making so late posts.


When Angel decided to admire Lexi’s Santa picture, it totally annoyed her!  I told her that he may be missing Santa or he may just think she is so pretty that he wanted to check out her photo.  This was when we figured out what makes her so mad about Angel doing stuff around the house.  Since he first appeared in her tree, she now believes that he MUST stay in that tree.  She was pretty indignant when she found him looking at her picture!

Now after the night we went to see the Journey, she found Angel on the kitchen table.  She was really mad that morning!  Check out why…


Oh yea, he did!  Lexi got a small coloring book at the end of “The Journey” and he colored on one of the pages!  She was so upset because she “wanted to color that page!!”.  Never mind that I don’t think she really even realized that she HAD  a coloring book given to her the night before.

I guess Angel was bothered  that he upset Lexi so on Saturday when he reappeared he came back bearing gifts of the “Beary” kind! He even wrote a note apologizing for bothering her stuff and told her that he just wanted to be friends.



Lexi really liked the new bear and was happy to take it.  She then wanted me to put Angel BACK on her Snowman Christmas tree.  I think she really forgave him and decided he was a good friend. Then yesterday after we got home she noticed that Angel was missing!  She looked all over for him!  She even looked in her bed where all her “friends” sleep with her at night.  She called and called and hunted all over the house.  No Angel.  I told her that I sure hoped that he had not gotten stuck in the North Pole because of the cold weather!

But all was okay because after about an hour and a half she decided to go get some chocolate milk from the refrigerator and there he was!


She was a little miffed at him for sitting in her tea cup and for drinking some of her milk but she was not too upset.  She kept saying, “what is Angel doing in the “frig-a-freighter”?”  It was too funny!  Of course, back to the Snowman tee it was for little Angel!

If Only...

If only you had this...

(picture taken last Sunday by Melissa)

You could have a tree decorated like this!

On a side note... as we were cleaning up last night Geoff was trying to discreetly move a few of the bulbs.  Well, a glass one slipped from his hand and shattered.  As he was cleaning it up Little Miss Smartie Bossy Pants informed him that if he broke anymore bulbs that he was going to have to clean it up and Mommy would send him to time out. 

She also asked me last night what I wanted for Christmas so I told her that I just wanted a 9x9 baking pan.  With that she replied, "that's not a Christmas present!  You need a Princess Castle!".  Hummm... me or her???

Friday, December 09, 2011

The Journey ~ An Interactive Christmas Story


Last Thursday me, Geoff, Lexi, Sara and the boys, and my Mom, Dad and brother went to our church to experience the Journey.  Geoff and I are relatively new members having joined just this year so this was our first experience with this awesome yearly event at Savannah Christian Church.   Most of it is outdoors in the surrounding areas around the church.  We began inside though and passed the time until it was our turn to go by listening to some very good music.  Once we left, we were put into a tribe, given a Jewish name and occupation.  We were herded through the beginning by some very loud Roman Soldiers!  Some of them were even on huge horses!  As we began, we could stop at various places throughout the woods and watch dramatizations about events that lead up to the birth of Jesus. We even boarded a boat and was taken across the …  I didn’t really start trying to take photos until we got into some better lite areas.  This is the 3 Wise Men and some camels.



King Herod Plotting…



Sites in and around the town of Bethlehem.









And finally the baby Jesus in the manger.



We had such an awesome evening!  I think it may just have to become an annual tradition.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Melissa’s Magic Just Keeps Coming!

I think Lj has a fan!  Melissa edited a few more pictures tonight which was a big surprise!  These pictures so capture the spirit of Lexi.


This picture is totally Lexi… always laughing, playing and so lovable!


These eyes… the totally stole my heart the second I laid eyes on them in our referral pictures.  I hope she forever has such spirit and happiness!  We love this child so much!

Angel must be missing the North Pole Snow!


Lexi found Angel this morning in the dining room.  She just couldn’t believe that he made such a mess!  She wasn’t aggravated with him this time.  She wanted to play in the Epson Salt too!

lj 017

lj 002

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

More to choose from..

we have too many favorites to choose from.. and there are 300+ to choose from…

IMG_6102 copy


IMG_6103 copy

IMG_6083 copy






to our dear friend Melissa… thanks for capturing just a few moments of our crazy in love family!  Looking forward to next time!

P.S. the final version of our Christmas Cards made by Ms. Lissa… will be on here soon!

Love that Geor-gia Snow!

Can’t help but finish my posts tonight with a funny story about the weekend photo shoot.  We went to several places in Melissa’s hometown, we made our way past a cotton field.  There were many and they were so beautiful, just before cotton picking time!  We stopped at one location and took a few pictures.  We tried to explain to Lexi that the dress she was wearing was made from the cotton being grown there.  I picked her some cotton and we took picts and left.  Later on, we went to a barn and after we got in the car Lexi wanted to know where her “snow” was.  Bless her little Chinese heart!  She is instinctively picking up our Southern slang for snow!  Apparently around here, cotton growers refer to the cotton as GA. snow.  (I didn’t know this until I was telling Melissa about her comments.)  My Grandparents grew cotton in SC and my uncle in SC still does.  The cotton fields bring back early memories for me and it just means so much to share this kind of “heritage” with Lj even if it is through pictures.  And of course, we surely can’t make a snowman with this stuff!!!



IMG_6026 copyIMG_6034IMG_6047

Angel is trying so hard…

This morning Angel had rescued Lexi’s balloon that had escaped to the ceiling last onight.  He twisted it around himself and landed in her Snowman tree.  I’d like to report that Lj was happy but once again she wanted her “stuff” and did not want to share with Angel.  Poor little fellow!  We keep trying to let her know that he is reporting about her behavior to Santa but we are not quite sure when she will “get” it.  Poor Angel, we are routing for him!!