Sunday, May 04, 2008

Congratulations Friends!!

Referrals are in! I've watched referral days come and go now for a long time. I've always read blogs and viewed pictures in wonder and anticipation of ours. I have toadmit though that for at least the last six months I wasn't nearly as excited and just felt like this process is never going to end. Well, I have a new found anticipation and excitment after this month's referrals. Several of the people that we know just got their referrals!!! And if my reaction to their referrals is anything close, we better just go ahead now and stock up on Klenex. This time there are three couples that I have met at least the new mom and it really personalizes things so much more. I am sooooooo happy for these new families! The babies are precious! I opened my email yesterday after Brennen went home (we kept him Friday night) and immediately I knew that something had happened from the number of messages in my box. As soon as I saw Susan and Riz's message I began to cry and scream for Geoff to come look at pictures. Sophia is just beautiful! Take a peek!

Then I found Hope and Scott's message about Isabella and did the same thing all over again!!! Poor Geoff, he just kept running in and out of the kitchen to look! Isabella looks like a little princess to me! She is beautiful!

Then we found a message about Susan and Jonathan's referral. TWINS!!! I couldn't believe it! They were waiting for LilyKate and got Elenanor too!! I guess they, like us also said they would take twins! I can only imagine how they must feel! And again, the babies are beautiful!!!

We are so happy for everyone who got referrals this month! It's so awesome and we now have a new anticipation and excitment for the process. We know that the wait is worth it!

This month, they only got through 3 days. They are now up to January 12,2006. Our LID is February 27th. It will take many months to get to us but we are not complaining... we are patiently waiting for OUR DAY. A day that will be like none other and it will be worth every single day that we have endured.


Susan said...

Wanda and Geoff!

Thanks for the congrats. We are excited, overwhelmed and in love with these two little girls. We did request twins and our wonderful agency kept pushing for us with the CCAA. We are blessed!


Sophia's Mama said...

Wanda I like you had lost a bit of the excitement in the process. I can tell you that after 28 months of waiting for Sophia I would do it again in a heartbeat. It is as they say well worth the wait. The moment you look into those eyes you know that you have been waiting for all the right reasons. You just simply fall in love...

Big Hugs

Alyson & Ford said...

It's so cool watching folks get their referrals and then just like that we're already looking forward to the next month's... Love seeing the faces of all the new Forever Families.