Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sad... just sad.

My heart is so sad over the formula crisis in China. I don't for personal reasons post often about things in China that upset me but this time is different. Recently it has come to light that the many babies in China are suffering from Kidney stones and kidney failure. Long story short is that the substance Melamine has been put into the powdered formula. This is the same substance that caused such a controversy a few years ago in the US because pets were dying from eating tainted dog food. This is a substance that when used causes the protein levels appear to be higher. It breaks my heart to know so many Chinese babies have been effected! As of Sept. 24th the were 53,000 sickened infants, nearly 13,000 hospitalizations, and four infant deaths, according to the Associated Press.

I'm worried that Lexi is one of the babies that have ingested the formula. No one really knows the long term effects these babies may suffer. I am also worried that this will effect upcoming referrals. Of course the Chinese government is now investigating. Formula and milk products have been pulled from the shelves and are being tested. Orphanages are testing the babies. There have been "rumors" that this crisis could slow referrals while they test babies. I may be wrong but I see no need to delay referrals. Any damage has been done. If Lexi has been exposed, I would like to get her home and begin whatever medical treatment that needs to be done. We are praying that our daughter is safe. We have been patient and have learned to handle the long, slow wait but this latest crisis is making my patience grow thin and I'm beginning to wonder if our recent confidence that our referral will be soon was false hope. We need prayer. We need some hope. We need our Lexi.

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Yvonne said...

Oh I'm so sorry! I had no idea of this crisis! I hope Lexi has not been affected by it - and that referrals will remain on track - praying for you all....