Monday, September 12, 2011

What happens after school…

It’s scary to admit sometimes the crazy stuff we do after school. Lexi never allows for a dull moment and certainly keeps us entertained!

Sometimes she’s an “Angel”…

sept 004

And sometimes she’s “Monster”. 

sept 014

sept 013

Both looks posted here were purely her doing.  The “Monster” look really got me!  She did this while watching TV, reading a book (that conveniently came with a dry erase marker), drinking “chocky milk” while I dozed BESIDE her! 

I asked her why she colored her legs and was told that she wanted to be a monster.  When I told her that I was not happy with her she repeated back to me “Well, I’m not happy with you either!”.  Thankfully it was NOT a Sharpie!

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