Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guess Where Lexi Went For a Field Trip??

Lexi's class went to the Ft. Stewart Firehouse today.  She was so funny last night when we were picking out her clothes.  She made SURE she told me that her teacher said they should wear jeans and tennis shoes.  If only she would remember and do EVERYTHING that we tell her!  LOL!

After we got home, we went outside to enjoy the fall weather.  She picked out her own outfit.  I think it's pretty styling!

While we were out side I took some photos of our CRAZY COCONUT.  This is all she wants to do these days!  She has wrecked the backyard!  She's constantly getting pine cones, sticks, leaves and bringing them onto the porch or worse inside!

 Who needs dog food when you can eat pine cones!!!  And later after we went inside, Lexi's fire hat became Coconut's latest victim!  Yup!  She ate it!

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