Sunday, September 24, 2006

Home From Our East Coast Girls Weekend!

What a weekend! I flew to Philadelphia on Friday and met 13 other people from our January DTC Yahoo group. This was a gathering of girls from New Hampshire, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland,and Arizona (I think I got them all!) I can't even begin to express how much fun we had! Over the past 7 months, I've got to know these ladies but after this weekend I feel like we've all bonded into great friends. Everyone was awesome and I absolutely hated that I was the first to fly home today. The main event of the weekend was our walking tour of Philly Chinatown. We also enjoyed a delicious dinner cooked by Susan from FL on Friday evening. We even had a bit of a PJ party in the room last night that included Stephe's adorable Pirate (her Yorkie). I'll post more pictures as I get them from the group. I took very few pictures of the group because we had so many cameras, we decided we'd all share.

We're already discussing a reunion trip this time next year with our daughters. Thanks girls... it was a fantastic time!!


Melissa said...


What a weekend we had!! I really enjoyed meeting you and boy did we have a lot of laughs!! So I guess now I will move from stalking your blog to commenting!Thanks for the laughs, memories and anew friendship!!

(p.s. I am in Mass!)

Tammy said...

Lucky you! How great to bond and get to know other awesome women who really understand. Sounds like fun.