Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7 Months Closer to Lexi Jayne!

Today is the 7 month anniversary of our log-in date. I went into Lexi's room tonight to put something away and just got what I guess would be "wait-sick" for her. I looked through her books, outfits and held some of her softy toys. I finally had to make myself walk out. I guess it is to be expected that it just catches up with me at times. I guess today is just one of those times. At least we are 7 months closer... yeah, that's right 7 months closer.


Journey to Mia Lin said...

Happy Anniversary! It's our 7 month anniversary too (yesterday)!
We'll get there some time!

Melissa said...

HI Wanda,

Happy 7 month anniversary! I just wanted you to know I get that "wait - sick" feeling all the time, you are not alone in this! I had my 8 month anniversary on the 26th and I figured out that if the wait stays at 14 months and we travel 8 weeks later then I am 1/2 way there to meeting my baby!! Maybe with a few more weekends to Philly I will get through the wait.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda, I'm so glad to have gotten to meet you in Philly and I can't wait to see you again! You are so sweet and you are a ton of fun to be around. I miss all of you already and can't wait until we can introduce our children to each other!
Missing you,
Hugs from Houston,

Kim M. said...

Happy 7 months my Precious Panda Sister!!!! We are getting closer!

Love Ya

Shannon S said...

Yay! Counting down to Lexi Jayne! I always thought Lexi was a sweet name and just love how you spell Jayne. Very pretty!

Wanda and Geoff said...

We spelled Jayne this way because of my Dad. His name is James but everyone calls him Jay. One day, it just "hit" me to name her Lexi Jayne and I told Geoff that I wanted to spell it "Jayne" in honor of my Dad. He loved it too and here we are waiting for her! That's the story. Wanda