Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pop'in In

Just a quick pop in... I know I've been posting less and less. I think as the wait increases I just seem to want to discuss it less. I've been staying off of the Internet more and spending more time doing things around here. Geoff and I have begun to take the pups for walks after dinner. We need the exercise and so do they! In fact, we've had to ease them into it. We've been increasing the length each day in hopes of preventing Sable from having a heart attack on one of our walks.

On Friday, we are headed to Pawley's Island, SC with Carolyn and John for some R&R. Geoff and John are going to go golfing and Carolyn and I will enjoy the beach. And on Saturday, Chris and Sara will be joining us. This will be the first time, I've been on the beach where Sara's belly will be bigger than mine! LOL!!

This is also my last week with students. I have 5 more days of work and then I'm done until August. I've got lots of things planned for the summer to keep me busy.

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adele and dan said...

Lucky you...only 5 days more of work! Enjoy the summer.