Thursday, June 07, 2007

School's Out, Summer's In

Well actually school has been out since the 25th of May. I've been on summer break for a week now. I'm staying very busy helping out with Sara's baby shower and with a bridal shower for my niece, Kim. Both showers will be at our house on the 16th. We're doing Sara's shower first and then Kim's. Craziness I know but there was a method behind the madness. We wanted my sister's family to be able to come to Sara's shower and we wanted to throw a shower for Kim. It was too hard to get them here twice. So it was for convenience purposes = to craZiNESS!!

Referrals came out this week. It was another month covering only 6 disappointing days. Well, disappointing for those of us who have waiting so long already. There appears to be no end in sight to the waiting increase. I'm staying up beat and managing to not be depressed or upset but I do have some pet peeves. I'm tired of people telling me that Lexi will be worth the wait. We know this but we're sick of the wait and how many times do we need to hear it??

We were asked the by an acquaintance the other day if we had heard anything about the baby. I think people ask because they are just making conversation but it's old. Had we known that it would take this long, we would have not told anyone of our intentions. The thing is there is more to our life than just this adoption. There has to be other things to talk about. We have to enjoy life for the NOW. Not of the what it WILL become. Being upset about waiting takes away from our enjoyment of the now.

I guess anyone reading this that knows us just needs to know this... the waiting is not fun. Our best guess of when we will get a referral will be sometime between March and November of 2008. We'll keep everyone informed but please let's enjoy our life for the present. We'll get Lexi in God's perfect time.

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