Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Geoff!

Today is Geoff's birthday!! Happy Birthday Geoffrey!! I hope it's been a nice one! I don't remember if I realized last year that Geoff's birthday falls on a montly "anniversary" of how long we have been LID for Lexi. Officially, we have been waiting for 17 months now. (The sad part is I think we'll more than likely still be waiting this time next year!) Well, one thing that was extra special today about Geoff's birthday was that for the first time, he got a "Grandpa" birthday card from Brennen... and to top it off, he got to spend the afternoon wallowing in "grandpahood". This was much more fun than the plans I had for him. I was going go to the Y with him and make him do the workout that I did yesterday...hee, hee!! I think he liked what he got much better! Sara was here with the baby all afternoon and SAVED him from my torture!! This post could be long because I snapped pictures all day! I just love watching him with the baby! He's so comfortable with him and will do anything... EXCEPT change his diapers (dirty or not)!!

This is Geoff playing with the baby on his little play mat. Notice how jealous Sable is!! She does hang close by though to make sure the baby doesn't have a poopy diaper! She can sniff them out really well!!

Patches on the other hand, sits away from the baby and sulks! This is amazing because she the annoying dog that has to be touching someone all the time and loves to lick us. When the baby is here, she stays away from everyone! I think she is very jealous!!

Notice the shirt!!! It was sent to me by Sheryl, one of the sweet ladies that I met in Philly last fall. I had it handy for the first time Brennen needed a changing while he was here. It was so thoughtful of her to think of me and send this to me!!

Look... more playtime with Papa!! Not sure who Brennen is more interested in ... Papa or Mr. Froggie!

After awhile Brennen had had enough of playing and wanted to be rocked to sleep... not a problem!!! Papa is good at that too!!

Look at that face!!! WE BOTH are so in love with this little fellow!!

Uh-oh!!! Two little nappers!! We both can't figure out why this little guy makes us both want to nap every time he is around us! By the way, I had to work hard to get this picture!! Geoff kept waking up every time I turned on the camera!

This picture needs no explanation!! We love this little guy and he is sure to love his Grandpa!!!

Happy Birthday, Hubby! I love you!


adele and dan said...

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Debbie said...

What sweet pictures. They say a thousands words!!!

Shannon S said...

Oh my goodness-those pictures are adorable!