Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brennen's big 21 days old DAY.

Sara brought Brennen over yesterday... can I just say that I know if I will ever get used to wonderful feeling of when MY GRANDSON comes to visit GRANDMA!! I just love it!! Well, yesterday he was 21 days old. I was talking to the little guy about how his Mom had rolled over the first time when she was 19 days old and that if he kept up being such an active little thing, he would be rolling over soon. It was around lunch time so Geoff was home. I put him down on a blanket on the floor and left him with Geoff. When I came back around the corner, he had both shoulders off the floor with his head popped up like a turtle. That alone was amazing. This little guy has a very strong neck already (just like Sara did!) Well, Geoff left the room a few minutes later and the little stinker ROLLED over for me and Sara!!! It was so funny!! When Sara got him home, he later rolled over for his DADDY 3 more times (so it wasn't a fluke...and his Daddy didn't feel left out!!)

Can anyone tell, I'm a very proud Grandma!!! I love this little guy so much!!!

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