Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Brennen At 5 Months

Last week Sara and Brennen stayed with us while Chris went on a hunting trip. We had a blast! One afternoon I took a bunch of pictures of Brennen in his Santa hat. Then I took some of them and made Sara and Chris's Christmas Cards. (So anyone in the family reading this will get a preview) I also took a lot of him doing other things so I decided to post them in this slide show. This little guy sure does add sunshine to our lives!


Yvonne said...

LOVE those dimples! What a cutie pie!

Stephe said...

This wait is almost a blessing. You've been able to spend lots of special time with Brennen!! He's totally adorable. Some of those photos are awesome, they should be christmas cards!!!!

Mark & Sheryl said...

OMG he is GORGEOUS!!! What a sweet face, love the dimples!!