Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wow! Time Flies!

I just can't believe that I've gone almost 3 months with no posts to the blog. I don't even have an excuse. We stay busy with just life in general. I did think about posting around our 2 year LID "anniversary". But the day came and went and I really didn't think about it until it had pasted.

Tax season is over THANKFULLY! I really hate it when Geoff has to work late all the time and weekends were lonely too. He survived another one though and is still loving his new job. The only drawback is the drive especially now that gas is so expensive!

In the time that has passed, Brennen has started walking! He is a little over 9 1/2 months now. He's so cute walking around! And he is so tall. He's already 31 inches tall and according to the pediatrician he is in the 98 percentile in height. His hair has turned light light brown and he still melts my heart every time I think of him. I'll post some pictures soon.

And I have other news! We found out about 2 weeks ago that Sara is pregnant again! She is due in mid December! I am so excited for her and Chris! I can't wait for Christmas this year. We'll have two grandbabies and hopefully, we will have Lexi too! Imagine how much fun that will be!!!

Next week we are having our THIRD homestudy. Our other one expired in March. We also have to resubmit our I600 form again! We thought we had that covered this summer but our paperwork got lost somewhere. So it expired in August. I was freaked out about that but not now. Chances are with the wait lengthening we would of had to resubmit before we go to China anyhow. So at least all of our paperwork will be up to date and won't expire until after we come back.

This evening we are heading to Atlanta. I am judging in the Ga. Media Festival again this year. Geoff is driving me up and since it is my birthday weekend, we are going to stay an extra day. We really don't have any plans but to spend some time together.

Last weekend we went to Virginia on a quick trip to visit Geoff's grandmother. She has been very ill and we hoped that going to see her would lift her spirits. I don't know if that is what did it but she is doing much better. I talked to her last night and she sounded like her old self. I love her so much! I don't have any living Grandparents so I just took Geoff's as my own. Nanny has always made me feel very special and she calls me her Granddaughter. I love that! She is very special to both of us. Seeing her so ill really scared us both. It also made us realize that our time with those we love is really precious and we should not take one moment for granted. We plan to go back up next month for another quick trip. I hope she will be home this time. She is having to go to a rehabilitation center from the hospital. She has become so weak that she can't walk so they will be working with her to gain her strength back. I just pray that she will fully recover.

I'm going to try to do better with my blogging and I will post some Brennen pictures soon.

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Yvonne said...

So glad to see you posted!! We have something in common - we just found out that we, too, are going to have another grandbaby in December!! Congratulations to you - and can't wait to see the newest pics of Brennen!