Sunday, January 04, 2009

Brennen Learning Chinese?

We went and picked up Brennen yesterday to spend some time with him and have a sleepover. We really love that little guy beyond measure. He kept us entertained as he is learning to speak more. I showed him Lexi's pictures on the refrigerator and tried to get him to say Lexi. That didn't happen but this morning when he was eating breakfast he noticed some more pictures laying on the hutch in the dining room and pointed at her and said, "who's that?". It was so cute! Last night we got a giggle out of him because he picked up our Learn Chinese book and began to go through the pages. It doesn't have pictures so it's amazing that he stuck with it for more than 2 seconds but he did.


Shannon said...

Can he teach me next? I'm sure even my "hello" is martian sounding! Your Brennan is too cute! =)

Sara said...

Maybe this is why we don't know what he is saying! LOL!