Friday, December 02, 2011

For Aunt Carolyn…

Yesterday, Aunt Carolyn had a double mastectomy.  Of course all of the family wanted to be at the hospital.  I took off of work and Lj and I headed to the big city.  We met Daddy for lunch since Aunt Carolyn’s surgery was so long and waiting is so hard for a little one.  She came through the surgery with flying colors even though I’m sure the recovery and aftermath will not be an easy one. 

While Aunt Carolyn was still in surgery, we took these photos as we headed back to Daddy’s office.  I just love the vintage look of the bricks between some very old buildings.




Lj was a bit concerned to see her Aunt Carolyn lying in a hospital bed but was a trooper and I know in her own small way was a very nice surprise for Carolyn to see after just coming out of surgery.

It just reminds me of the song “Jesus loves the little children” and no matter how old we are we are all children of God.  Even as our family experiences trials and hardships we still graciously THANK our Heavenly Father for all of our blessings.  Just today I found this picture that we took in VA with Nanny.  It is the grace of God that she is with us and it will be the grace of God that delivers Carolyn through this hard time in her life.  The hardships we endure just continually remind me of the blessings from God and make me appreciate every single day with our family.


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