Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Love that Geor-gia Snow!

Can’t help but finish my posts tonight with a funny story about the weekend photo shoot.  We went to several places in Melissa’s hometown, we made our way past a cotton field.  There were many and they were so beautiful, just before cotton picking time!  We stopped at one location and took a few pictures.  We tried to explain to Lexi that the dress she was wearing was made from the cotton being grown there.  I picked her some cotton and we took picts and left.  Later on, we went to a barn and after we got in the car Lexi wanted to know where her “snow” was.  Bless her little Chinese heart!  She is instinctively picking up our Southern slang for snow!  Apparently around here, cotton growers refer to the cotton as GA. snow.  (I didn’t know this until I was telling Melissa about her comments.)  My Grandparents grew cotton in SC and my uncle in SC still does.  The cotton fields bring back early memories for me and it just means so much to share this kind of “heritage” with Lj even if it is through pictures.  And of course, we surely can’t make a snowman with this stuff!!!



IMG_6026 copyIMG_6034IMG_6047

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