Saturday, December 16, 2006


On of the topics on our DTC group has been Christmas traditions. I've been reading lately but not posting so much. It's such a busy time of year. Well, several people have posted about having Christmas trees in their daughter's room and I've been thinking about having one for Lexi. This morning I mentioned it to Geoff and told him that we needed a pink tree for Lexi. (I actually saw a hot pink one last weekend in Jacksonville... along with a lime green one and a banana yellow one at the Macy's children's' shoe in dept.). I told him that we could decorate Lexi's tree with all the socks and hair bows that we have for her. Later on in the day, he announced to me that he was going to town. When he came home he had this tree... a perfectly white tree to match her room. We immediately put it together and decorated it with Lexi's things. We topped it off with one of the hats for her. She better like hats!! It now glows in her room with the first blanket we bought her and some of the cute stuffed animals we have for her. I sure have a wonderful husband and Lexi is surely bound to be spoiled rotten by her daddy. This has been a great Christmas Spirit day!


Yvonne said...

That is WAY too cute! Good idea, and just so darn stinking cute! - Oh, and did I mention how cute that is?

Nathan & Emily's Mommy (Mary) said...

what a great idea! It might be a little too painful for me to do though..maybe I'll look for a tree after the holidays for next year!

Susan and Riz said...

Wanda, Geoff ROCKS! he is such a wonderful guy. You and Lexi are very lucky to have him in your lives. I am sure Lexi will love the tree in the years to come.

What a guy :)
Way to go Geoff!!!!!!!!

Love you guys
Susan R

Stephe said...

OMG!! I LOVE it! Geoff does ROCK!!!

Journey to Mia Lin said...

Cuteness. My hubby would never submit to a pink tree. :(
He'll get used to pink some day!