Sunday, November 23, 2008

Layout #2! Getting the Hang of this!!

Okay, so this digital stuff if FUN! Of course, I'll never run out of pictures to learn with. My only problem is that I am running out of memory on my computer! I have an 80G external hard drive but it is full too! I have so many graphics on my computer already that collecting digital scrapbooking materials is going to push me to get another one I guess.
We had a wonderful weekend with Brennen! We cooked dinner for Sara and Chris Friday night and then kept him for the night. It was interesting to say the least! We had a great time with him! We're learning all kinds of tricks and tips for being prepared for Lexi. For example, on Friday when I was putting Brennen to sleep for the night, I rocked him in the recliner. I don't have a glider in her room and wasn't sure I would get one until FRIDAY! As I rocked him, the dogs would walk through and he would sit back up. If Geoff opened a cabinet in the kitchen, you could hear it! It was very distracting for him. So after I finally got him to sleep, I told Geoff that we must get one for the babies room. And he now has a new thing to do on his "Honey-Do" list (change the hardware on the squeaky cabinets!)
Another tip we've learned... put the dogs up when Bren is eating. He has discovered that if he throws food off of the high chair, they will eat it and he finds this VERY FUNNY! No food goes in his mouth... just the dogs! On Saturday morning when he was finished Geoff went to let them out and I cleaned off the high chair but that didn't stop Brennen. He used his imagination and fooled the dogs. He would pretend to pick up a piece of food and pretend to throw it! The silly dogs fell for it every time!
As we were going through the day taking care of the little guy, Geoff was constantly helping and playing with him. It gives me such a great glimpse of the wonderful father he is going to be for Lexi. He's already great with Sara but watching him with a little one is extra special. At one point in the day, we were dressing him and I could just "feel" Geoff's anticipation to have Lexi home. I turned to him and said, "you're thinking of doing all this for Lexi aren't you?" Of course, his answer was "YES!". And he will one day really soon!

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