Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have been a blogger slacker lately and I do miss posting my little stories of Lexi.  So I’ve got a running list of things that she has done or said lately and thought I would use my time to blog while I'm heading to Orlando for a tech conference.

Week before last, I bought some Rice Krispie bars for her lunch.  They now make them with a big white spot so you can write their name on it so I wrote “I love you Lexi” on it.  That afternoon I was asking her what she ate out of her lunch.  She didn’t know what Rice Krispie bars were called since we had not had those before so she says “I ate my Lexi”.  

New things coming out of her mouth…
* “but, but, but, but… I really want…(insert what she wants to do).” 

*  She carries on conversations with her blankie regularly.  She even lays it on top of her and giggle and say “stop ticking me blankie!”.  Every day when she sees it, she says “I missed you blankie!” One day this week she was carrying around her blanket and trying to open something  and needed two hands so she puts the blanket down and says “hold on a minute blankie.” 

We’ve been reading a lot of Robert Munsch books and have been going online to listen to him read some of his own books.  One day last week, she wanted to listen to him as soon as we got home.  She kept begging to listen to the “man” and said “Mom, can you get your computer?”  I was trying to cook dinner and told her she had to wait.  Later I hear, “I’ll get it, I’m STRONG!”  It took a few seconds for me to figure out what she was talking about so I had to tell her NO you can’t carry my computer! 

*  One of my favorites is every morning she comes to our door  and says “I haff a go pot-ee!” 

* The other was calling her Sunshine and she said “I’m not Sunshine, I GIRL!”.  

* In the car she says “Daddy, do you have long arms??”  She does this because I tell her I can’t reach you.   She also tells me how strong her daddy is.  

This age is so much fun but three is certainly  an age of independence.  If we hear, “I can do by myself “ once a day, we hear it ten!

How in the world am I going to make it until Thursday night and not see this sweetie??

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