Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

There's nothing better than a Lj Hug!

Valentine's Day 2011 began bright and early this morning!  Lexi headed in to Mom and Dad's with Valentines and flowers for Mom.  This was overshowered by Mom and Dad's Valentine's Day gift for Lexi... a Zhu Zhu hamster complete with the princess carriage. Lexi was in heaven when I left her for work this morning. 

After work I ran into Wally World and tried to buy some cut and bake chocolate chip cookies for us to make for Daddy.  Somehow with even the few items I had, the cookies did not make it to the car! Once home I realized this and debated... no cookies for Daddy or cookies from scratch.  I was already planning on making a nice Valentine's Day dinner of Parmesan crusted Talipia and was not sure if I could pull it all off.  Well, I just threw caution to the wind and cooking we began.  We needed to do something special for an extra special Daddy!  We managed to be taking the last cookies off of the pan as Geoff came home and the talipia was almost finished cooking!  Whew! Never mind that it is almost 8:30 and he has not tasted one cookie... he likes his cookies NON-warm... contrary to most of us other people!

But backing up a little bit... as we came home I pulled up to the mail box and pulled out a card for Lexi.  It was from Ye Ye and Grandma.  As she opened it she took a deep breath and said "ahhh... It's beautiful!!!!".  It was so sweet!

After dinner, we brought Lexi out her card and presents from us.  She covered her eyes and peeked!  LOL! Then when we finally gave her her presents, she exclaimed in complete joy "oh, my goodness!" Her Daddy had picked out a cute little pink sock monkey and a few other things.  It amazes us how excited she can get.  She is such a joy and we are reminded every holiday big or small how much she has brought to our lives.

We read Robert Munch's "Andrew's Loose Tooth" and "Mortimer" before Geoff took her to her room to tuck her in.  That's where they are now... and here I sit, fulfilled with love and joy for my precious family.  It was a great Valentine's Day and a great way to start a week. 


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mhsands said...

How sweet!!! I'm sure LJ was just the cutest V-day gift ever! :)

I want that recipe!