Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Lexi Jayne!

Wow, how time flies!  It’s incredible to see our little one turn four!  We had a small family party for her yesterday and everything was just perfect! 


lexi's 4th Birthday 002

This Cinderella dress has special memories for me.  I bought it at Disney World while at a conference the day I found out when we would travel to China.  When we did get her, I thought she’d never fit in it but this is the last time she’ll wear it.  It now fits snug but once we decided on a Cinderella party, we just had to get one more wear. 

lexi's 4th Birthday 007

lexi's 4th Birthday 012

lexi's 4th Birthday 044

Mom and I made the cake.  It turned out so cute and was just delish!

lexi's 4th Birthday 051

I love this picture!  Our house IS the place to dress up and usually as soon as the boys come over they begin playing and dressing up.  Brennen cracked me up with this get-up but Sara said that since Lexi dressed up why not him too!

lexi's 4th Birthday 058

I love this picture! 

lexi's 4th Birthday 063

My Girls with their boys!

lexi's 4th Birthday 071

Our happy family…

lexi's 4th Birthday 081

Four already!!!

lexi's 4th Birthday 123

Lexi was a little jewel and just let the boys help open all of her presents. 

lexi's 4th Birthday 126

Lexi loves her some Aunt Carolyn!

lexi's 4th Birthday 127

Nana’s girl!

lexi's 4th Birthday 139

And of course after the cake, ice cream, and presents… it was play time outside. 

lexi's 4th Birthday 138

This one cracks me up!  It reminds me of the runaway bride!

lexi's 4th Birthday 156

Lexi’s birthday was certainly full of fun.  She got some really nice presents but the best part was just enjoying the day with her with family. She has brought so much love to our family and we thank God for her everyday!

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Carolyn said...

She is growing up way too fast! I enjoyed the family setting for the party. She had all those who love her dearly there. I love that picture of Mom and Dad with Lexi. You need to get a copy of that for them.