Friday, June 22, 2007

Brennen Update!

Baby Brennen is preparing to make his appearance. Sara went to the Dr. this week and was dilated 2 cms, 50% effaced, and his head is engaging. She has had the most pops and pains all week! At this point, the Dr. said that she would most likely have him before the 5th of July. This is great news. I was having such a hard time waiting for July 14th (yes, I'm a selfish Grandma). Well, yesterday she was having cramps and discomfort so they asked her to come in to be checked again. This time the Dr. told her to come back on Monday and if she has dilated to 3 cms. he is going to admit her. Is it possible that we may have a baby by next Monday night??? This is soooo exciting! Sara has done so well with her pregnancy. Today, I went over and helped her do some cleaning to make sure the house is nice and clean before she goes into labor. She's all packed for the hospital and Chris is about jumping out of his skin every time he gets a call from Sara at work. I sure hope she does like I did and has a quick labor. I went into labor with here about 5 pm. We got to the hospital about 6:30 and I had her at 9:05. I was too far along to have any meds and honestly never thought about it. It was over in no time. I pray Sara will be so lucky! I just can't wait to see his little face and count those tiny fingers and toes!


Stephe said...

How EXCITING!!!! Stephe

Alyson & Ford said...

This is exciting! Grand-babies are Grand!!


Diane said...

Wanda, there's nothing better than fast labor (although it still hurts like h@#%)! I had our youngest son in just 24 minutes! Are you going to help coach her?
Here's to speedy labor for Sara!
Also, praying for a safe and healthy delivery of little Brennen.

Shannon S said...

You'll be loving on little Brennen in no time!