Friday, June 22, 2007

Two Showers... check!

Well, summer sure is ticking away. Last Saturday, my family hosted two showers at my house. The first one was for Sara and it began at 1:00. As soon as everyone cleared out, we revamped the food and prepared for a Jack and Jill shower for my niece, Kim. She was going to be in town for Sara's shower and we wanted to do something for her so I just bit the bullet and played host for two! I really did enjoy everything once the day got here but the preparation leadig up to the big day was craziness.

I did have fun making things for the shower. I made my first diaper cake. It turned out so nice!

And while I was at it, Mom helped me make a diaper wreath for the door.

The biggest fun though was making a "Daddy's Dirty Diaper Tool Kit" and a "New Hubby's PMS Survival Tool Kit". I saw the diaper tool kit on the internet and just knew that me and mom could make our own. Sure enough, Mom jumped right on it and had a pattern made up the same afternoon that I showed it to her! I had to get pictures of the kids wearing their kits.

Both Sara and Kim were blessed with a nice turnout and received all kinds of gifts! Kim's wedding is set for July 14th (Sara's due date!). I think this conflict is funny because they came into the world that way. I had Sara on Labor Day in 1982. Just 3 days later my sister had Kim on my Dad's birthday. Sara was my first and only child (for now anyhow!) and I had gotten pregnant ahead of my sister, Shirley. I had already picked out the name Sara and low and behold so did Shirley. This began a race to see who would deliver first and who had a girl. (I had an ultra sound back then but they wouldn't tell me if they could determine the sex). Needless to say, I have the Sara. When Shirley had Kim, she didn't think she looked like a Sara anyhow. It's a funny story to remember. I'm so proud of both of these girls.

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Stephe said...

Wanda, you are definately the hostess with the mostess! 2 Showers!! Wow! Looks like a success and I just LOVEEEE the guys toolbelts and the diaper cake and wreath. You are VERY CREATIVE! Oh, and I've NEVER SEEN the duckies in the punch. I LOVE THAT TOOOOOO!!!! Keep us posted on the baby to be!! :) Stephe