Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another slow year???

Of course, we keep getting asked about our progress in the adoption process so here is an update.

Our 1-600A has expired. (This is the form we need that gives up permission from the US to adoption an orphan from a foreign county.) We actually sent the renewal paperwork off during the summer but somehow it is lost. So we are back tracking trying to get the new one taken care of.

Our homestudy for GA. will expire soon. Remember last February we had our 2nd homestudy. They are only good for one year in Ga. So we are about to work on that again too.

However, after receiving an email from our agency I'm not in any hurry. I think waiting until after tax season might be a good idea. Seems that the slow in referrals is likely to continue. At one point the information we were getting indicated that after CCAA gets through November and December of 2005, things would speed back up. We did get a glimmer of hope the last few referral months as they had two months where they got through 7 days of dossiers. This month, referrals went through 5 days. So as of now, CCAA has made referrals for Dossiers logged in through December 19. There are 70 days between the 19th and our LID of 2/27/06. So do the math... if it continues even at a pace of 7 days we are looking at the END of 2008 and possibly this time next year. Ugh! It's frustrating but we STILL have hope of a fall referral. Hope and faith is all we have to help us through this process. (And a lot of little Brennen doesn't hurt either!)

So why rush the paperwork renewal? It all expires so quickly (if you can call a year and 18 months quickly!) and each time we have to renew, it's MORE MONEY! Waiting a little on the homestudy just may be the thing to do and the lost I-600 could be a blessing since it is only good for 18 months.

So as we wait... everyone will have to endure more Brennen. He is our Sunshine in a very bleak process. So MORE BRENNEN PLEASE!

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