Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Brennen At 6 Months

Brennen got his 6 months shots last week along with a flu shot. He didn't like it too much and neither did his Mommy and Daddy because the shots made him sick. So after a couple of days of being fussy, feverish, and not sleeping he got well enough for Sara and Chris to let us keep him and give them a break. We had a blast. I just got a new camera from writing a grant at school so I figured what better way to learn to use it than do a photo shoot of Brennen! We only took about 230 pictures of him that day! The slide show below shows some of the better ones and I thought it would be fun to put them up as his 6 months pictures. This monthly slide show just may become a habit!

The pictures of him eating the cookie show him having his VERY FIRST cookie (biter biscuits). His peditrican said that he could have them since he is eating so well. It was so funny but afterward we just put the little guy in the sink! What a drooling nightmare!!! He also saw his first fire in the fireplace. He was really into it and wanted to get closer! We really have to watch EVERY SINGLE move he makes now as he crawls all over the house. We are finding that the hardwood floors are really tough on the little guy's head. I sometimes wish he had a helmet!

Lexi's things are getting broken in with Brennen. We took him for a walk in her pink stroller and just hoped no one would ask us why we had a boy in a pink stroller! LOL! One day he will grow up and ask us why he had everything pink over here! Aside from the 3 hard wacks of his head on the hardwood floor, the most challenging thing was NIGHTTIME! Having conjestion he couldn't stay asleep very long and we literally were up with him EVERY HOUR ALL NIGHT LONG!! Geoff is so fantastic with him. He doesn't shy away from anything and just jumps in to help all the time. It gives me a great preview of the wonderful father I have always known he will be. Sleep or no sleep we are looking forward to the next sleepover!


hiltonsheadeast said...

OMG! He is just too cute. Love those dimples. I can see you guys just hate having him around. :) We know how you feel. Give him a hug from us ....
Lori & Andy Hilton

Wanda and Geoff said...

He is so hard to have around!!! LOL!!! This week we realized that we had not seen him in a week and a half... I always have Brennen withdrawal but this time even Geoff was sending me emails telling me he was having "Brennen withdrawal" and that we must see him soon! Sara brought him to see me at school yesterday and I immediately sent Geoff a picture on my cell phone with a "Na... na... na... na!" message. Guess how long it took for him to email me back? About one minute! This little guy is the sunshine of our life! He is such a blessing!