Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heading to Florida!

I'm leaving tomorrow for a technology conference in Orlando. *** By MYSElF!!*** Geoff has printed out all of my directions for me AND emailed them to himself as well. :-) I am very excited because I have heard of this conference for YEARS! It's supposed to be one of the best in our area. The funny thing is I AM going alone even AFTER last year's broken toe traffic nightmare of a fiasco in Atlanta when Geoff had to constantly give me directions and swore I couldn't travel alone EVER again. I'll be leaving tomorrow morning and arriving in time to listen to the opening session where the speaker is Discovery Channel's Jeff Corwin. Why do I think this may be interesting??? I don't know but I'll be there! Then I plan to go to the vendor's hall opening which is sponsored by Hewlett Packard before I head to my hotel and exercise and crash. (I've graduated from walking to running and am proud to say that I can now run 2 miles without stopping OR Dying and haven't done that much since college 20 years ago!... I'm very determined to be in shape to meet Lexi!) HOWEVER!!! The highlight of the trip will come on Friday night after it is over when I drive to see Lori and Andy!!! I can't wait to be reunited with my Philly roommate and her dear hubby (that we met last Spring). They are gracious enough to open their home to me and spend some much needed Panda time together. I'll come home on Saturday. Now for the KICKER... Geoff keeps telling me that he is going to babysit Brennen while I'm away on Friday. I even called Sara last week and asked her if she would let Brennen stay the night without me here and she said YES!!! (much to Geoff's amusement!) Sara just said, "I trust him with Brennen!". This is so sweet because there's no way in the world she would leave him with her bio-dad! She recognizes the great dad Geoff will be and already knows the fantastic Papa he already is. I don't think Brennen will really be here but if so, that's just fun for both baby and Pop! Of course, I'll try to get some pictures of Lori and Andy on Friday. I'm very excited even though I will miss being here with Geoff very much!

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amy said...

Im jealous, have a great time!