Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ahh.... now that's better!

I can't believe after my long winded "vent" last night that this evening we got an email from our agency informing us that the official "cut-off" date for referrals this month is Jan. 22! That's really good! I'm happy with that! Now there are 36 days between where they are and US! I know in the world of Chinese adoption 36 days could take a long time still but I am hopeful that this trend will continue. If and that's a BIG IF, they were to continue to this kind of progress each month we very well could have a referral in the fall! I know too well though to get my hopes up too high. Patience, Wanda... Patience.

Things were better at work today too. I had to ease up on myself and just realize that it is okay to not have things PERFECT. My brother has been helping me at school too. He is always a terrific help! Before we left today, I checked on the garden and low and behold I had 3 zucchinis ready to pick! I'm like a kid in a candy store! I had to take them to the office and show everyone and of course, we had one of them tonight! I love watching things grow! Especially things that I planted, nurtured and picked! I know sometimes it takes so little to amuse me!


Alyson & Ford said...

We stopped dead in our tracks and said Wow when reading your post! Wow - your agency said the 22nd is the cutoff! That would put us squarely on the bubble for a possible July referral. We have never been in this spot before. Wow! We actually have a chance...

3 zucchini's. Now how cool is that! I'd say, way cooooooooool.

Wanda and Geoff said...

Wow! I'm so happy for you guys! This certainly was good news and has given me the much needed boost that I needed! I'm so excited for you both!