Monday, June 30, 2008


I can't believe a week has already gone by since my last post. I was pretty upset last Monday. Well, a lot has happened since and I'm feeling better. We got all the details in order and our application was sent to Atlanta last Thursday. Our check has cleared the bank and today we got a receipt from USCIS. This is progress.

I also talked to Mei at our agency last Wednesday and she was uplifting! We talked about the paperwork issues and she assured me things would work out and that if we didn't have the approval back before we leave for China that there is an expedition process. Then we talked about all kinds of stuff about the adoption for almost an hour! She was awesome. It is getting to be very exciting now as I watch fellow Precious Pandas get their babies and listen to everyone's excitement on the eve of referrals. I am so praying that CCAA will get all the way through January and give us Feb. 1st as a cherry on top!

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