Monday, June 20, 2011

Backtrack to yesterday… Father’s Day and our 12th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 12th Anniversary.  We have decided to celebrate it next weekend together since it was also Father’s Day and not to mention that Geoff’s back started acting up on Saturday and we ended up in Urgent Care that afternoon.  But it was still a very nice Father’s Day and Anniversary.  God has brought Geoff and me  together and together we will raise her to love and cherish him as we do.

I did manage to get a few pictures when Mom and Dad brought Lj home from church with them. I love to see Lexi with her grandparents.  I miss my own grandparents and am so happy Lexi has all of hers to love.  I just wish that Lexi could have spent her day with her YeYe and Grandma as well. 


(And on a side note… Thanks Lanie for the dress!  It’s two years since you gave it to us but the wait was worth the wait!  She was so cute in it and just thought she was a princess for sure!)

And then a pictures with Nana and Papa!


And finally with her dear Daddy!


What did any of us do without her?  Thank God he brought her to us!

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