Monday, June 20, 2011

Swimming Lessons 2011

Last Friday, I signed Lj up for swimming lessons.  We played in the pool on Friday after my water aerobics class to make sure she was okay with the pool.  She thought it was “beau-T-ful” and was looking forward to swimming lessons.  So today we got ready and headed to the YMCA (Or ABC as Lj sometimes calls it!) She was doing just fine testing the water before lessons until the instructor Mr. Drew came over and took her into the deeper water.  From then on it was just horrible!  I struggled as I watched trying to figure out where real fear came from, whether it was the unfamiliar man holding her or her fear of being away from her Mommy who is her protector.  I eventually let mother instincts take over and headed into the pool.  I did not want her to leave the pool afraid.  I wanted to make sure she knew that I would be there to soothe her and protect her so we stayed at least 45 minutes after I took her out of the class.  No way am I willing to give up on her learning to swim.  With us living so close to the water, it is so important and I know our little miss will be an awesome swimmer one day with patience and time.

Here she is before she got scared by Mr. Drew testing the water without a care.


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