Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome June, even if it is already half the way through!

Gracious where does the time go??  I officially began the summer vacation on June 2nd.  We flew off to Virginia that day and spent a week with family and having fun.  We have been back a week now and slowly things are settling in for a summer schedule.  I’ve now been to the YMCA 3 whopping times!  Lexi loves it and now thinks of it as her new school.  I guess it is especially appealing since she only spends a little more than an hour there but nevertheless, she really loves it!  I’ve been working out and trying to get into a routine.  I already have shin splints from over working but am not letting it slow me down. 

However, we have been slowed down by car issues!  On Saturday right after Lj’s first t-ball game, our Xterra just shut off while driving.  We learned today that it was the timing belt and a few minor other issues and $593 later, we now have the old truck back.  This leads me to my story of the evening…

Yesterday on the way to the Y, Lj got into Uncle John’s car (my old Mercedes) and very dramatically said, “This car is BEAU-tiful!!!  It smells like Apple Pie!”.   Okay… so have we ever fed her Apple Pie??? That would be a NO!  But yet the story continues…

The next time we get in the car, she no longer likes it.  Now she does NOT like it because it “smells like Apple Pie”.  Trust me it does not!!  If only we could figure out where she gets this stuff! 

I’ll post pictures of our vacation in VA and PA as well as first t-ball picts in the next few days!  Needless to say, the entire summer so far has been memorable Lj style!

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