Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swimming Lessons Day 2

I have to say trying to figure out a 3 year old is a challenge!  Lexi was very excited to go back to swimming lessons but did not want to go unless I went in the water with her.  I’ve been trying to adhere to the YMCA rules and stay back but needless to say that has NOT happened.  I don’t really feel bad about it because once I broke the rules yesterday, today there were 3 parents in the pool with their scared children (including me) as opposed to the other 3.  Lexi responds well to me but not Drew.  She really does not like him although he has a friendly face and means no harm.  I had not planned to go in but after I sat her down by the pool and she cried and cried for me, I went and changed into by swim suit and headed in.  Then it was much better.  She kicked for me and made bubble in her mouth (something I picked up from the kindergarten teachers at school).  She never did go under or try to swim to me but she would kick and even smiled.  She even let me get out and snap a few pictures.  Drew and one of the other parents both told me that it was progress and I agree judging from her smile. My main goal is to help her learn a valuable life skill of swimming but enjoy it as well.


One thing I know is that we can’t force her to do it but we can encourage her and let her know how proud we are of her when she does make a milestone. 

After swimming lessons, I called Geoff and got him to stop by WalMart on the way home to pick up an inexpensive above ground pool.  It’s not so deep she can’t stand up in it but yet it is deep enough for her to kick her feet and use her arms.  She is very excited about the new pool even though we need to get it up and full of water.  I hope to do that tomorrow and our Southern heat wave it will warm up in no time at all!

I hope to take her back to the pool tomorrow morning after my water aerobics class.  I missed my spin class this morning since last night my summer insomnia took over and literally kept me up most of the night. These are the days of each year I dread the most.  I can sleep like a baby during the day but at night there is no such luck!  If I believed in vampires, I know for sure that I’d be one!

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