Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lexi meets Mommy’s “Blankie” aka puppy!

lI have two toys from my childhood.  One is a puppy that is about to self-destruct and the other is one my Grandma Thompson made for me when I was about 6 or so.  The puppy is the one I remember the most.  I remember his from when we moved to GA when I was five years old.  One of the first channels we got on PBS was one where a woman told stories of a dog and drew pictures as she told the stories.  I remember being mesmerized during every show watching the artist draw pictures while telling the story and at then end taking her stuffed dogs ears and covering up his eyes.  I used to do the same thing.  It’s pretty cool to see your daughter playing with a toy dog that meant so much to you as a child.  I only let her play for so long because the poor dog is just disintegrating every day.  But it really is so cool!



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