Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last post and CAUGHT UP!

It’s been craZy around here lately.  Winter sniffles and so much going on with family!  I’ve neglected posting and honestly, if I had to go to work tomorrow, I would not be posting now!  We do however continue to make memories around our house and I do so want to document them. 

This past week…

    Carolyn shaved her head.  Bought a wig and prepared Lj for the difference.  Lj took it in stride.  I gave Carolyn the hat I wore in Beijing before we got Lexi and added a bow from Lexi’s huge collection that was very nice and much to our satisfaction, she loved it! Lexi has shown no signs of dismay of Carolyn’s new appearance.  I thank God for this!  I hope and pray she accepts everyone in her life the same way.

  It was Valentine’s Day.  Lexi’s Daddy gave me the most beautiful cross and of course Lexi wanted one too… as she put it … she wanted a “t” like Mommies.  Geoff also gave me the most precious “promise” complete with a frame from the Christian Book Store.  Lexi made it very unique by on her own taking a red pen and underlining “ I will learn from my mistakes…” .  We found this so funny!  As it was a mistake on her behalf to draw on Mommy’s present! 

Lexi love receiving gum from YeYe… (yea.. thanks!) and Grandma.  A Bath set with extra characters from the Little Mermaid from Nana and Papa.  A dress from Aunt Carolyn… A card from Maggie with a big $5 bill!… Candy from Sara and the boys… a card from Aunt Neaners… a bag of lots of cool stuff from Ms. Lissa and goodies from Mommy and Daddy. 

And finally today… yes almost a week late, we finished our gifts… handmade cards with hugs.  It was a huge thing to do despite how easy it looked on Pinterest! 



And did I forget to mention that Lexi and her Daddy made brownies today???  Good heavens how am I expected to keep up with all the things we do!  Really!  It gets harder every day!  And that is why we now have posts from a full month in ONE night on my night off!




Brownies anyone??? 

And just think I didn’t even include our day from last Friday in the Mall… who says there are terrible twos or even threes… I say they can make any age terrible depending on the mood they are in that particular day!!!  I’m just sayin’  …

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