Thursday, February 09, 2012

New Photos courtsey of Lissa!

Guess who got to come to work last week with Mommy?  Yep! Lj!  And guess who just loved it?  You got that right!  And while she was there Miss Lissa took some pictures even though the sun was barely up!  Lexi posed like a pro and then later I took her to school (which she was not exactly happy about!). 

And the end result was a card soon to be mailed out to family and close friends just announcing her arrival to the realm of 4 year olds! 

Just where does the time do??? So many times Lj tells us she wants to be a baby again.... and so many times we miss that stage but yet, every day we marvel at the transformation of our little precious girl and how we love her even more each day after the day before!  And how much we believe God just chose her just for US!  She is a blessing and as long as she is with us, we feel it every single day!  God is good!

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Melissa Sands said...

I could just eat her up!